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SeaBat T50-R

SeaBat T50-R

Ultrahigh resolution Multibeam Echosounder with fully integrated Inertial Navigation System

The SeaBat T50-R is the newest addition to the leading SeaBat T-series product range, engineered from the ground up to evolve with your business. Combined with a very compact Rack-mounted Sonar Processor (RSP), the SeaBat T50-R produces unprecedented clean data, providing faster operational surveys and reduced processing time.


The SeaBat T50-R is fully frequency agile from 190 to 420 kHz, allowing for improved swath performance and reduced survey time under challenging acoustic conditions.
The Rack-mounted Sonar Processor comes with an optional industry leading fully integrated Inertial Navigation System for accurate sensor time tagging and motion stabilization.

The SeaBat T50-R is designed for very fast mobilization on any type of survey vessels, securing minimal interfacing and low space requirements.

SeaBat T50-R standard configuration

Rack-mounted Sonar Processor (RSP)
• Single point for all cable connections – for fast mobilization
• Accurate sensor time-tagging and motion stabilization from the optional integrated INS
• 25m cable configuration
• 2U form factor in standard 19” rack

SeaBat T50 sonar head assembly
• 190 – 420kHz wide-band sonar arrays
• Lightweight sonar bracket
• Robust titanium housing
• Less than 8kg in water
3 years warranty
Our hardware is quality-tested to meet the most demanding standards. Backed by the full support of our comprehensive after-sales program and 3 years of warranty, you can be sure that the SeaBat T20-R won’t let you down.

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Mounting and deployment


Bottom Coverage

Equi-angular/equi-distant mode


1.93 MB

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