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Vertical XT Optical Feed-through System

Vertical XT Optical Feed-through System

​The system is a downhole, wet mateable optical connector for use in high pressure/high temperature environments within a vertical Christmas tree (VXT), and is used to provide pressure integrity barriers and optical continuity through TH/XT equipment. The OFS is comprised of a jumper with penetrator to a 1-atm splice region and pressure barrier, a wet mate connector at the tubing hanger and tree interface, and a metal to metal seal at the bottom of the tubing hangar.


The OFS utilizes 3 single mode optical channels within the design. Each optical interface will feature an Angle Polished Contact (APC) to maximize return loss measurements. 

Each connector within the system will include a pressure barrier in the form of an optical penetrator. A high reliability, high temperature, high pressure optical penetrator design is used for this application. The penetrator is capable of hermetically sealing 3 single mode fibers within the unit.

Sealing mechanisms and actuation methods also have special requirements. The operational environment can include sour production fluid and is prone to rapid gas decompression (RGD). This environment is not conducive to the use of bulk elastomers, and will utilize metal, plastic, or RGD resistant elastomers. 

Pressure compensation for the optical fluid chambers also relies on RGD-resistant materials. Piston-style compensators will be utilized within the system.

Design Basis Standards

The latest edition of the following standards shall be used where applicable for the Multichannel Optical  Feedthrough System design, manufacture, testing,  and operation.

  • SEAFOM TDS-01: Functional Design and Test Requirements for an Optical Feedthrough System used in Subsea Xmas Tree Installations
  • IEC 60068-2-14: Environmental testing – Part 2-14: Tests – Test N: Change of temperature
  • NORSOK Standard M-710: Qualification of non-metallic sealing materials and manufacturers
  • NORSOK Standard M-001: Materials Selection​

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