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Teledyne Marine Bigshot

The Bigshot Controller System Will Synchronize 2 to 96 (128 Optional) Marine Seismic Sources, With 0.1 Msec Resolution.

The Bigshot features automatic Continuity/Leakage testing of Solenoid/Sensor lines, as well as monitoring of source Depth and string Pressure. The BigShot also monitors Manifold Pressure over 2 channels, offers Summed Sensor Timebreak detection, and allows configuration for Hydrophone, Shuttle, or PCB sensors. BigShot can handle Near Field hydrophone acquisition at 1 kHz with 16 bit data.

  • Teledyne Marine Bigshot
Teledyne Marine
1026 North Williamson Blvd.
32114 Daytona Beach
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The BigShot can also be run with an optional Windows-based Graphical User Interface software package, and a control PC, and is capable of expanded hydrophone data acquisition with the SmartPhone D system. 

Key Features:

  • Synchronize 1 to 96 guns (Bolt, Sleeve, G, or GI) with 0.1 msec resolution
  • Simultaneous graphic display of all gun signatures


  • Summed Sensor Timebreak detection
  • Automatic Continuity and Leakage Testing on Solenoid and Sensor Lines​

Optional Features:

  • Expandable to 128 seismic air-guns
  • SmartPhone D Digital Hydrophone System Add-on


Controller I/O Pins

Serial Status String Out


Record Out

100 msec Closure (Programmable Time)

Predicted Fire Out

5 msec TTL High Going

Field Time Break Out

Summed Sensor

Power Supply I/O Connectors

Sensor/Solenoid (8 Channels)

Canon-Style Circular

Hydrophone (4 Channels) IN

Canon-Style Circular

Depth/Pressure (4 Channels) IN

Canon-Style Circular



2U Form Factor x 18” deep, 15lbs, 90-260 VAC @55 watts

Power Supply

2U Form Factor 20” deep, 20 lbs, 90-260 VAC @355 watts Peak​


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