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SubC Imaging Rental | MantaRay Parallel Laser

Precision points for reference in underwater photos

Available to rent, the MantaRay is a parallel beam laser designed for ROV and subsea systems. This laser projects two parallel beams that appear as green dots in images that are used to get distance and scale of underwater objects. It is lightweight, easily integrated with a subsea camera using a simple attachment, and is accurate to 5m distance. SubC LEDs and lasers are plug-and-play when coupled with the Rayfin camera.

  • SubC Imaging Rental | MantaRay Parallel Laser
SubC Imaging
327 Memorial Drive
A5A 1R8 Clarenville
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Product Features:


  • Simple attachment to camera
  • 532nm wavelength
  • Designed for precision applications
  • 6000m, Titanium and Sapphire
  • Calibrated and accurate to 5m
  • Can operate as a stand-alone
  • Product with TTL enable
  • Class 3B lasers


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