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Two-Axis MIO

Two-Axis MIO

Compact Front Mounting Solution for Drone Developers

Two-axis Mio is a front-mounting gimbal designed for industrial applications. Weighing less than 30% of the original Mio, it offers great camera compatibility, optimal performance, and is a top choice for drone developers and integrators aiming to minimize payload.

Ho Chi Minh City, VN


With its optimized design for small camera/sensor systems, and focus on increased flight time, the two-axis Mio is perfect for various industrial applications, including front-top mounting scenarios like bridge inspection and windmill maintenance. 

Adapter Board

The two-axis Mio comes with an Adapter Board that simplifies the integration of the gimbal into drone platforms. This Adapter Board offers pinouts such as USB 2.0 (Type C), UART, SBUS, PPM, and Micro HDMI, allowing developers to fully leverage the two-axis Mio's advanced capabilities on their platforms.

Mounts with your platforms

Use Standard Damping: The standard damping of two-axis Mio is optimized for some small drone platforms. Explore our store to access the standard damping specifically tailored for the two-axis Mio gimbal.

Custom Damping For Your Drones: Please contact us if you’d like to request a custom damping system for your drones or find mounting specifications to build your own.

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Mechanical characteristics

Platform length [mm]


Platform width [mm]


Platform height [mm]


Platform weight [kg]


Payload weight (max) [kg]


Sensor compatibility

Sony R10C, Sony QX1, Sony RXI,II, Flir Duo Pro R, Flir Vue Pro, Flir Vue, Rededge MX

Operating Temperature

-15 to 50 degrees Celcius

Power connections for accessories

USB-C connection


USB 2.0 (Type C), UART, Sbus, PPM, Micro HDMI

System Requirements for Assistant Software

Windows 10 or above; Mac OS X 12.0 or above


Pitch [°]


Roll [°]


Vibration isolation system

Two-axis Mio Damping or Custom Damping

Electrical characteristics

Min input [V]


Max input [V]



Year of initial development


Stabilization System Type

IMU, Gremsy Specialized Gimbal Drive Motors with Encoders (Encoder 14 bits)

Operation Area



Min operating temp [°C]


Max operating temp [°C]


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