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UltraMount GSM 4000

Camera stabilization mount: The UltraMount GSM 4000 dynamically stabilizes UltraCam systems in the aircraft allowing for blur-free, consistent and aligned exposures

The UltraMount GSM 4000 features high efficiency at high payloads. The gyro-stabilization mount dynamically counterbalances arbitrary rotational movements in aircrafts and stabilizes the camera during the exposure for the best possible image quality.


The UltraMount GSM 4000 is compatible with all Ultracam systems, ensuring aligned exposures and the best possible data collection quality by reducing the movement of the aerial system through gyro stabilization. Installed in the fuselage of the aircraft, the UltraMount maintains the system in a leveled position and offers optimal compensation for drift, roll, and pitch movements through a hydraulic gimbal equipped with four cylinders and two servo pumps.

The control panel on top of the mount enables the setup and monitoring of various parameters, firmware upgrades and checks on the system‘s health condition.

For enhanced stabilization accuracy, the UltraMount GSM 4000 can be complemented with the UltraNav flight management system for IMU support.

“Vexcel Imaging products are my first choice in aerial equipment. Perfectly integrated and attuned, the different modules - mount, sensor, flight management - work in perfect harmony. Simply the most reliable systems I have ever operated! Thanks for a great product as always.”

(Carl Stephan, UltraMount customer)

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Mechanical characteristics

Platform length [mm]


Platform width [mm]


Platform height [mm]


Platform weight [kg]


Payload weight (max) [kg]


Usable diameter [mm]


More information

Distinguishable features

The UltraMount GSM 4000 featureshigh efficiency at high payloads.The hydraulic system contains fourcylinders and two servo pumps andguarantees best compensation fordrift, roll and pitch movement.


Pitch [°]

± 8.8

Roll [°]

± 7.0

Yaw/Drift / [°]


Residual angular rate of the horizontal axes [°/s rms


Residual deviation of the horizontal axis [° rms]*


Residual deviation of the vertical axis [°rms]*


Vibration isolation system

High-frequency vibrations are eliminated by a passive vibration isolation ring.


For an even greater stabilization accuracy, external IMU data can be applied.

Electrical characteristics

Min input [V]


Max input [V]


Maximum pre-fuse rating [A]


Typical power consumption [W]


Max power consumption [W]



Stabilization System Type

Hydraulic Gimbal System

Applied Standards


Operation Area



Min operating temp [°C]


Max operating temp [°C]


Min storage temp [°C]


Max storage temp [°C]


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