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Sonar Noise Classifier

Sonar Noise Classifier

CARIS seeks to significantly reduce the need for manual cleaning and move your data swiftly from acquisition to review. The Sonar Noise Classifier automatically identifies the vast majority of sonar noise, resulting in a reduction of manual cleaning effort by a factor of up to 10× at an accuracy of 95%. The Sonar Noise Classifier is available from CARIS HIPS and SIPS or CARIS Onboard.


The Teledyne CARIS team is committed to leveraging the latest technology for our customers with the creation of the CARIS Mira AI platform.CARIS Mira AI is a new cloud-based platform to host our current and future AI solutions. Backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering a robust, scalable cloud platform means no additional desktop hardware is required to move users into the future of processing. With these evolving technologies, our AWS-certified team is focused on the safety and security of your data while it is in our care: all data directed to the CARIS Mira AI platform is anonymized, randomized and encrypted before transmission. For additional security, no data remains stored on the cloud following the AI classification process.

The Sonar Noise Classifier is our first CARIS Mira AI offering, trained to identify a variety of noise patterns from acoustic sensors. This technology significantly reduces the need for manual cleaning, leaving you to focus on what's important. The Sonar Noise Classifier is available from CARIS HIPS and SIPS or CARIS Onboard.

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Hardware/software requirements



Use of GPU




Stereo Display


Field of Use

Hydrography, Oceanography, Exploration and Production, Scientific

Languages Supported



Year of last update


Year of initial introduction


Supported Systems (SB, MB, SSS, Lidar etc.)

MB, phase, laser


Sound velocity correction

Sound velocity correction type

Tidal reduction

Mulitbeam Calibration mehods

Type of automatic cleaning algorithm(s)

Deep Learning/AI

Visualisation and Editing

Sounding cleaning algorithms

Deep Learning/AI

Files and Registering

Input Formates {XTF, XYZ, GSF etc}


Max. Number of Soundings


Supported Hydrographic Systems


Background format support {Google, Bing, OGC, CAD etc.}



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Other documents
  • Deep Learning - Applications for Multibeam Survey
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