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SeaBat T20-ASV

SeaBat T20-ASV

High resolution multibeam echoscounder

​The SeaBat® T20-ASV is built around the renowned SeaBat® T20 and maintains the incredible SeaBat® data quality in a smaller form factor. Now, optimized power requirements ensure extended and crucial mission time on battery-powered vehicles. The T20-ASV is available for system integrators only.


Superior multibeam technology engineered for uncrewed and autonomous platforms

The SeaBat® T20-ASV is built around the renowned SeaBat® T20 and maintains the incredible SeaBat® data quality in a smaller form factor. Now, optimized power requirements ensure extended and crucial mission time on battery-powered vehicles.

The SeaBat® T20-ASV includes the unmatched Tracker Autopilot offering truly autonomous sonar operation without sacrificing resolution or speed.

Internal storage, integrated data acquisition software and the latest developments in integrated INS completes the survey solution.

SeaBat® T20-ASV:

ASV Sonar Processor:
• OEM integrated on the vehicle
• Internal dry cables to bulkhead
• Easy to use Amphenol connectors

Sonar head:
• 190 – 420kHz frequency agile
• Robust titanium housing
• Customized cables to accurately match vehicle

SeaBat® T20-ASV is designed for and offered to selected manufacturers of uncrewed and autonomous platforms.

Contact your local Teledyne Marine representative for information about which selected ASV manufacturers currently offer the SeaBat® T20-ASV.

Product Features & Benefits

• Sonar User Interface – highly configurable to help you complete the job.
• Tracker Autopilot – unmatched truly autonomous sonar operation. Automatic optimization of sonar settings for optimal survey efficiency.
• Internal storage – log your survey results directly on the fast internal SSD.
• Data products – bathymetry, backscatter, sidescan, full or copmpressed water column. Record in parallel bathymetry, Snippets backscatter, sidescan backscatter, water column backscatter (full or compressed), without compromising pingrates.

Optional extra features:
• Integrated Inertial Navigation System – the very latest in INS development, fully integrated in the sonar processor
• Multi-Detect – multiple detections for enhanced detail over complex features and water column targets
• FlexMode – increase data density where you need it most
• Pipe Detection & Tracking – unique to SeaBat, optimize detection of pipes
• Normalized Backscatter – for stable and sharp backscatter data

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Sonar Details

Max. depth [m]


Typical range [m]

150 - 310

Max. number of beams


Min. horizontal beam width [deg]


Max. horizontal beam width [deg]


Min. vertical beam width [deg]


Max. vertical beam width [deg]


Min. pulse length [µs]


Max. pulse length [µs]


Interface and Communication

Input Voltage

24VDC or 100-230VAC 50/60Hz

Input Power

90W / 110W

Other specifications

Carrier options


Operating temperature: min. [°C]


Operating temperature: max. [°C]


Storage Temperature

-30 - +70


SeaBat T20-ASV Product Leaflet.pdf

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