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Robust and versatile mother-ship platform

The SEA-KIT XL-Class Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) is a robust and versatile mother-ship or naval defence and security platform that can operate effectively at long range even in heavy seas. With a payload capacity of up to 7 tonnes and powerful bollard pull, the XL USV is suitable for towing seismic cables and larger sensors.


The XL can launch and recover a range of different vehicles and payloads, such as AUV/UUVs and ROVs, enabling the execution of multiple tasks at reduced cost and with less risk to personnel than crewed vessels.

Fully redundant station holding capability, Cat 0 operations for unrestricted use and a large lithium UPS supply for ship systems make the SEA-KIT XL a high-endurance standalone asset or strong force multiplier.

When equipped with a swarm of AUV/UUVs, large areas of the ocean can be surveyed by the vessel and its assets fully autonomously. The extended endurance and robustness of the XL Class allows for surveys many miles from port or mother ship.

As a naval defence and security platform the XL is suitable for anti-submarine warfare, mine countermeasures, maritime intelligence surveillance/reconnaissance, logistics support, maritime and border security, amphibious operations, oceanographic and hydrographic survey.

SEA-KIT XL is controlled using SEA-KIT’s proprietary G-SAVI control and surveillance platform, which provides safe and secure operation from remote control centres.

Key benefits

  • Safer, reduced risk, low environmental impact maritime operations
  • Commercially proven technology with extended endurance & full ocean capability
  • Fully uncrewed launch & recovery of underwater vehicles & sensors
  • Highly configurable payload capacity
  • Acoustically quiet operation
  • COLREGS compatible
  • On-board processing capability, including ATR & data compression
  • Remote operation from secure location anywhere in the world
  • Modular optional fuel tank for highest operational range
  • Dual VSAT antenna option for maximum bandwidth & data transfer reliability
  • Multiple gondola options for a wide variety of sensors & transducers
  • Numerous use cases & configurations available from single design

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Length [m]


Width [m]


Height [m]




Draft [m]


Number of thrusters


Thruster specifications

2 x 75kW Directional Stern & 1 x 25kW Directional Bow




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