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Focused Design for Hydrography & Environmental Data Collection

The SEA-KIT H-Class USV’s highly configurable design, with a retractable gondola and dual sensor deployment options, is based on a operational data and feedback collected from the proven and established X-Class USVs. This USV is available in both 12m and 15m variants. Both 12m and 15m variants can be davit launched, with the 12m transportable in a standard shipping container.


As well as increased power, seakeeping and fuel capacity, the vessel has a composite hull, reducing the ship’s weight with the resulting fuel saving and endurance benefits. Active stabilisers minimise roll and improve data collection quality.

The H-Class design also further reduces surface and subsurface noise and vibration. Reduced risk to personnel as well as significantly decreased costs and environmental impact remain an integral aspect of the H-Class – SEA-KIT’s latest step towards the company’s ultimate zero emissions goal.

Enhanced design development means that this vessel offers flexible operational parameters. It can accommodate a variety of sensors in its retractable gondola, such as a Single or Multi Beam Echo Sounder or a Sub Bottom Profiler. In addition, the USV can deploy a tow cage, SVP, MAPR, CTD and towfish/side scan sonar for successful deepwater and nearshore bathymetric and hydrographic survey missions.

The SEA-KIT H-Class is designed to MCA Category 0, ensuring over-the-horizon endurance capability. Its increased endurance means that multiple missions can be undertaken without the need for frequent returns to shore for refuelling.

SEA-KIT USVs are controlled using SEA-KIT’s proprietary G-SAVI control and surveillance platform, which provides safe and secure operation from remote control centres. Data can be transmitted via broadband link or satellite following on-board processing and compression or stored on-board for future retrieval.

The SEA-KIT H-Class design will hold Unmanned Marine Systems certification from Lloyd’s Register as well as Lloyd’s Register approval for design and hull construction.

Key benefits

  • Composite hull for higher transit & survey speeds
  • Active stabilisers to minimise roll
  • Retractable gondola
  • Dual sensor deployment options
  • Safer, reduced risk, low environmental impact offshore operations
  • Commercially proven technology with extended endurance & full ocean capability 
  • Highly configurable payload options
  • Acoustically quiet operation
  • Lloyd’s Register Unmanned Marine Systems certified & COLREGS compatible
  • On-board processing capability, including ATR & data compression

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More information


Oceanographic/hydrographic survey, collection of metocean data, seafloor mapping and classification, maritime intelligence surveillance & reconnaissance, maritime & border security, amphibious ops support.

Distinguishable features

Hydrodynamic hull form with aft A frame communications mast

Commercial Options

MBES package, station holding package, maritime security package, launch & recovery package etc.


Length [m]


Width [m]


Height [m]




Draft [m]


Number of thrusters


Thruster specifications

2 x 25 kW / 1200 rpm electric directional thrusters, 1 x 12kW / 2000 rpm Azipod thruster



Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]


Communication and Control

Type of Communication

Any (VSAT/Iridium/Inmarsat/4G/MBR)

Max. Baud rate [Mb/s]


Data sent to shore

FLIR images, CCTV images, vessel audio feed, sensor data, navigational data

Control parameters sent to the USV

All vessel functions can be sent to the USV

Navigation and Payload

Navigation sensors - standard

Tailored to client's operational area

Navigation sensors - optional

Client specified


Min. turning radius [m]


Operational Area


Launch and Recovery System

Winch and towed sensors

Max. speed [kn]


Min. crew size


Min. required number of surface computers


Max. WMO seastate


Energy and Propulsion


360 Azimuth Thrusters

Energy Source

Diesel Generators

Propulsion Power


Endurance at nominal power [hr]


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