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SatLab HydroBeam M4 Multi-Beam Echo Sounder

SatLab HydroBeam M4 Multi-Beam Echo Sounder

Portable and High Precision Multi-beam Echo Sounder

The HydroBeam M4 is an ingenious and compact portable multi-beam bathymetric system, brought to life by SatLab. It boasts exceptional precision without the need for frequent calibration, making it an ideal choice for lightweight operations. Its compact design, coupled with its intelligent features and circular transducer, renders it effortlessly deployable on a range of platforms, including USVs, AUVs, and ROVs. This versatility empowers users to swiftly conduct precise measurements at any location and time, liberating them from the constraints of traditional multi-beam systems. Moreover, it ensures the dependable and stable operation of unmanned missions across diverse environments, from serene lakes and meandering rivers to bustling harbors, ports, terminals, and intricate waterways.

Vastra Frolunda, SE


Versatile Compatibility

With its compact cylindrical design measuring Φ228mm and weighing only 5.9kg, HydroBeam M4 seamlessly integrates with a wide range of unmanned platforms. Its lightweight build facilitates effortless transport and deployment in various environments.

Dependable Performance & Effortless Integration

HydroBeam M4 is capable of supporting up to 1024 high-density beams, offering resolutions of up to 7.5 mm. It maintains exceptional performance and accuracy across diverse tasks and conditions. Additionally, it comes equipped with integrated INS and SVS in the transducer, eliminating the need for complex attitude calibration. This simplifies the setup process, reducing downtime.

Optimal Efficiency & Smart Operations

You can adjust the scan width from 8° to 150°, providing up to 7.5 times the depth coverage. This reduces the need for repetitive surveys, resulting in increased overall efficiency. The survey software is both functional and intelligent, enabling operators to monitor survey progress and minimize manual intervention. Moreover, it offers compatibility with devices such as Kongsberg, R2sonic, Reson, and others.

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Height [m]


Length [m]


Max. external DC power [V]


Max. external AC power [V]


Max. power consumption [W]


Min. external AC power [V]


Min. external DC power [V]


Weight in air [kg]


Width [m]


Mode of operation

Max. depth of operation [m]


Max. frequency [kHz]


User Interface

Menu languages



Max. operating temperature [°C]


Max. storage temperature [°C]


Min. operating temperature [°C]


Min. storage temperature [°C]



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SatLab HydroBeam M4 Brochure-EN-20231010(s) (2).pdf

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