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Drone Harmony Data Capture Platform

Software Platform for Enterprise Grade Data Acquisition

A complete software platform to automatically plan and operate your drone data acquisition workflows in 3D. Access everything from enterprise-wide views to individual flight plans, from the web browser or the mobile device. Take advantage of the most advanced terrain aware flight planning on the market for better drone-based surveying & mapping and linear infrastructure inspection.


Base Your Decisions on Better Data

Feed you workflow with reliable and consistent drone data from hundreds of assets and inspections. Leverage the most advanced data capture automation software on the market to simplify planning & execution of complex drone flights.

A Tool for Each Stakeholder

Plan your drone capture workflows from the web browser, or the mobile device. Equip each stakeholder in your organization, from the inspection engineer to the field operator, with a tool tailored for their exact needs. Coordinate work seamlessly using automated cloud synchronization tools.

Visualize in 3D

Plan each stage of the workflow in an intuitive 3D interface. Easily model or import complex 3D geo-referenced structures to gain immediate visual insight into the inspection asset, flight plan and environment. Leverage data integrations to add context to your inspection site and improve the quality of the resulting data product.

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Mobile platform support


Compatible drones


Desktop platform support

Windows, Ubuntu, macOS

Flight Planning Characteristics

Flight modes

Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual

Auto-return and resume from left off


Multi-flight mission support


3D flight planning


Map-catching and offline planning


Live weather updates


Show camera footprint on map


No-fly zone integration


Mission progress monitoring

Full monitoring in several interfaces (2D map, FPV and 3D)

Real-time flight status

Full Telemetry

Data import types

geotiff terrain models, KML/KMZ for shape outlines

Additional Features

User interface language

Mobile app translations into several languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

Distinguishable features

3D Flight planning, complex terrain aware flights, 3D terrain view, complex Facade inspections, Cell tower inspections

Offline sharebale flight planning

From mobile application through state file exports

Customer support

Email support, community, video and text supporting material



Web: any browser, Mobile: Android 5+, Drone: DJI


Geo-referencing of captured data


Image geotagging


RTK/PPK processing and validation

Most DJI drones

Base station integration


Data Capturing

Post-flight data quality check

data preview in-app during and after flight

Vertical and oblique photoshooting


Live video streaming


Photogrammetry planner


Payload manager (for different sensor configurations)

Custom camera support for DJI M600

Manual photo control


Data Output

Output products

Image and Video Data

Export data to cloud applications tool

Drone Harmony Cloud for storage of flight missions and terrain data

Replay flights


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