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110 Series Coaxial Connectors

​The 110 Series Connector From Teledyne Dgo Is a Simple, Highly Reliable Design With a Legacy of Consistent Reliable Performance Over a 45 Year Period, With Tens of Thousands of Connectors Deployed.

The 110 Series plug connectors feature a machined 316 stainless steel body with a nylon insulator and is supplied pre-terminated to the end of a 50 ohm coaxial cable using application specific crimp tools, molds and a controlled molding process to make an effective termination.


The product line consists of variable mated receptacles, plugs, and cable assemblies, featuring straight plugs, right-angle plugs, bulkhead receptacles, in-line receptacles, and splice receptacles. The most common configuration for the mated connector set is the bulkhead coax receptacle, 1100001-101 and plug coax, 1101001-101, as illustrated below. The receptacle contains proven integral glass-to-metal seals for maximum protection of equipment in differential pressure applications rated up to 2000 psi in standard configuration.

The 110 Series receptacles feature compact machined 316L stainless steel bodies with a coax element glass sealed directly into the body. The centre conductor pin is surrounded by a shield, and all components are fused together in a glass sealing process. As both components serve as conductor paths, the coax can actually be used as a two-conductor receptacle.

The 110 Series receptacle body is designed to fit into a standard SAE J514 (Society of Automotive Engineers)  straight thread tube fitting port. This port is a threaded hole with a special configuration to allow an o-ring to fit around the base of the receptacle. 

Key Features:

  • Our simplest connector series, designed to accommodate 50 Ohm cables. The receptacle contains an integral glass-to-metal seal for water blocking the plug/receptacle interface in moulded or PBOF cable terminations.​
  • Simple, durable construction; excellent for cameras or instruments used in or around water or other harsh environments.
  • Robust, competitively priced and extremely durable. ​


  • ​Designed to interconnect 50-ohm coaxial cables in subsea pressure applications for camera systems and instruments used in or around water or other harsh environments.


Specification Title

Specification Details

Operational Temperature

-40°F to 165°F (-40°C to 74°C)

Storage Temperature

-65°F to 175°F (-54°C to 80°C)

Max Operational Pressure

2,000 psi for molded cable assemblies (~4500ft/1372M)
10,000 psi (open face receptacle)


316/316L Stainless Steel

Recommended Cables

For general Use (including shallow water, non-critical applications):
Mil-C-17/28 RG-58

For Deep Submergence/Critical Applications:
TRC CN-4 (50 ohm)

*Note: Alternate cables can be accommodated; consult factory for details

Operational Current

3 Amps

Max Operating Voltage

1000 VRMS

Insulation Resistance

5 Ghoms at 500VDC

Frequency Range

0-1.5 GHz​

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