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Hi-Target PPK Go Software for Phantom 4 RTK

Hi-Target PPK GO Precision Add-on enables Phantom 4 RTK drones to achieve the most accurate and reliable camera positioning data in any coordinate system without measure targets or GCPs. With 2cm accuracies on XYZ, the output text file with position information or geotagged images can then be used directly in major photogrammetric mapping or 3D Survey software.

  • Hi-Target PPK Go Software for Phantom 4 RTK
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Key features

1.Ultimate Efficiency Reduced Workload

The PPK method makes it possible to perform high-precision aerial photogrammetry with a single or even zero GCP, Eliminating or shortening the duration of the RTK fix loss, which will greatly reduce the time and cost of field operations and ensure accuracy.

2.Smart Selection of Full Constellation

Using a free selection of GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/ Galileo L1+L2+L5 and further parameter adjustments for position calculation in the PPK process to ensure the most reliable and accurate camera positioning even in poor single satellite system signals.

3.Integrated CORS/Hi-RTP Station Data *

By gradually integrating the free and commercial CORS data sources globally, the software enables users to process their PPK data without having to set up a base station which will significantly reduce the workload and investment in the field.

4.PPK Engine & SDK Support

Hi-Target PPK GO's core algorithm engine and SDK can be used for secondary development to customize PPK solutions for enterprise and individuals.



1.CORS/SBAS/Hi-RTP base data automatic matching.

2.3D lever arm correction.

3.Global coordinate system and geoid support.

4. Geotagging into image EXIF or exporting text reports for photogrammetry processing software.


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