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Hexagon | AutonomouStuff Velodyne Puck

Velodyne’s VLP-16 sensor is the smallest, newest and most advanced production Velodyne’s 3D lidar product range.

Vastly more cost-effective than similarly priced sensors and developed with mass production in mind, it retains the key features of Velodyne’s breakthroughs in LiDAR: Real-time, 360°, 3D distance and calibrated reflectivity measurements.

  • Hexagon | AutonomouStuff Velodyne Puck
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Velodyne LiDAR’s Puck is a small and compact lidar that is performance and power optimized for usage across a variety of applications ranging from automotive, mapping, robotics, security, smart cities and more. The Puck is attractively priced and built on the foundations of Velodyne’s leadership in lidar, enabling real-time, surround view, 3D distance and calibrated reflectivity measurements. The Puck has a range of 100 m and generates up to ~600,000 points/second, across a 360° horizontal field of view and a 30° vertical field of view. It uses proven, Class 1 eye-safe 905 nm technology with substantial autonomous fleet validation, making the Puck a sensor of choice for lower speed autonomous vehicle (AV) applications. The Puck has best-in-class power, which enables operation over a wide temperature range. It's use of off-the-shelf components enables enhanced scalability and attractive volume pricing. Like other Velodyne sensors, the Puck has world-class technical support available across North America, Europe & Asia from the world’s leading lidar company.


  • Lidar type
  • Total Weight [kg]
  • Operating voltage (V)
  • Power consumption
    8 W
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Water sand and dust proof (IP-classification)
  • Points per second
  • Laser/light wavelength [nm]
  • Field of view (horizontal)
  • Field of view (vertical)
  • Main applications

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