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See How FrankStar Technology is Used for Exploring and Surveying the Ocean

Three-sevenths of the earth’s surface is covered with oceans, and the ocean is a blue treasure vault with abundant resources, including biological resources such as fish and shrimp, as well as estimated resources such as coal, oil, chemical raw materials and energy resources. With the decreasing and over-exploitation of resources on land, human beings began to seek a way out from the ocean. The development of marine resources has become an important subject of modern science and technology.

The 21st century is the century of the ocean. After a hundred years of exploration, mankind has built a series of complete scientific demonstration systems. But if you want to develop marine resources, you must first conduct a static survey and use some advanced and constantly rushing monitoring equipment to understand the geological structure of the seabed, water patterns, meteorological conditions and seawater activity patterns to find out the nature of marine life, important information on the characteristics and distribution and storage of marine resources. The so-called marine survey investigates the water pattern, meteorological, chemical, biogeological distribution and changing laws of a particular sea area. The methods of investigation are different, the equipment used is also various, and the fields involved are more extensive, such as satellite transmission, high-definition cameras, weather observation, ocean shipping, etc. All the scientific progress process is arduous, requiring a combination of theory and time.

Frankstar is not only a monitoring equipment manufacturer, but we also hope to make our achievements in marine theoretical research. We have cooperated with many well-known universities to provide the most critical equipment and data for marine scientific research and services. These universities from China, Singapore, New Zealand and, Malaysia, Australia hope that our equipment and services can make their scientific research progress smoothly and make breakthroughs to provide reliable theoretical support for the entire ocean observation event. You can see our and some of our equipment in their thesis report. That is something to be proud of, and we will continue to do it, putting our effort into the development of human marine.

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