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AMC Search Partners with AAE for Advanced OEM Positioning Solution

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AMC Search is a multi-disciplinary training, engineering, science and technology business offering services to a variety of sectors, including shipping, ports, defence, logistics and environment. Based in Launceston, Tasmania, AMC Search is the training and consultancy division of the Australian Maritime College, specialising in subsea and surface autonomous vehicle operations and training.

Finding the right alternative

As a provider of durable, reliable, acoustic tracking systems, clients come to us knowing that these systems can also be supplied as OEM solutions for simple integration into their equipment.

AMC Search came to applied acoustics in need of a more versatile positioning beacon system. After using aae’s 1119 beacons, AMC Search approached us for an OEM positioning solution to interface to their AUV. 

Previously, they had beacons from another provider installed on their existing equipment, but the issue they were facing was that the beacons weren’t transferable; they were integrated into their asset and couldn’t be used with other positioning solutions. 

After other users suggested aae as a good alternative for GAPS compatible USBL beacons, AMC Search noticed a number of benefits in their projects and their ways of working.

Small unit, big results

AMC Search enlisted the help of our 1100 Mini Beacon Series, using the mini 1119 unit for diver and equipment positioning during shallow subsea work. After successful use of the 1119 beacons, it became apparent that an integrated OEM solution for their AUV was required.

Our range of acoustic positioning beacons is one of the most extensive available from any manufacturer, with the 1100 Series Mini Beacons incorporating the next generation of applied acoustics’ Sigma 2 acoustic protocols. With key features such as precise range resolution, multi-fire interrogate capability, and compatibility with a variety of other systems, the mini beacons were a perfect partner for AMC Search’s work. 

According to AMC Search Project Engineer, Rowan Frost, the team noticed immediate results with the Mini 1119:

“The standard Mini 1119 has been used extensively for diver and equipment positioning during shallow subsea work, and has been extremely reliable and robust.

The small and light OEM unit we acquired has allowed us to carry out a much higher order of accuracy surveys with small AUV platforms. This offers a flyaway two-person AUV that can most likely achieve special order survey specifications, which is yet to be confirmed via reference surface survey, but the initial data looks really good.”

What’s been the impact for AMC Search’s team and clients?

Having the Mini 1119 has given the team ‘reduced stress levels’ during complicated and difficult operations thanks to having more confidence in the exact asset position. 

Rowan says AMC Search’s clients have been “very happy” with what they’ve produced so far:

“Clients are interested in USBL positioning accuracy for subsea survey when combined with post-processing software such as Delph INS. We look forward to analysing the data from one of our recently-created reference surfaces.”

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