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About 3Dsurvey

Most of us here at 3Dsurvey are land surveyors by trade. But more than that, we grew up with surveyors, went to school together, worked together, became best friends with one another … Some of us were even best men at each others’ weddings.

Our lives are intertwined with the surveying community and we all use these connections to continually develop our software, as well as our core support services. These connections are the heart and soul of 3Dsurvey, and the drive behind our commitment to improve a surveyor’s quality of life.

Everything we do, all the long work hours, all the support and all the experience … Everything is dedicated to improving the land surveying profession by making our fellow surveyors’ work easier, faster, safer and better than ever before.

We are proud to be a part of the aerial photogrammetry history, determined to continue being a driving force in developing digital surveying technology, and excited to become the number 1 global surveying software and support provider.

To give you a great surveying tool. To support and help you with your surveying needs and challenges. To treat you with respect, honesty and fairness. So that we may both grow.

By surveyors for surveyors!


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3Dsurvey is the result of over 20 years of on-field surveying experience and more than 500 successfully completed projects all around the globe. We know what it's like to struggle with incompatible and lacklustre tools. That’s why we put our hearts and minds into creating an intuitive photogrammetry suite, designed to make your life easier and your work better.
3Dsurvey Software


3Dsurvey is a photogrammetry software solution for land surveying professionals. It takes 2D images of any terrain or object, captured by any drone and any camera, a

Simplify site planning and reduce the time you spend on the field by up to 9x
3Dsurvey Pilot


Automate your aerial site mapping and mission planning and save up to 90% of your time spent on the field. Gather data with cm-grade precision and eliminate the need

3Dsurvey Viewer
3Dsurvey Viewer


The 3Dsurvey Viewer app helps you take things even further in terms of convincing presentations and real-time collaboration.
The interactive digital environment em