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SubC Imaging Rayfin Benthic 6000m

The Rayfin records and internally stores over 10 hours of 4K video, 40+ hours of HD video and thousands of digital stills.

Available with options for live 4K, HD, and IP video formats, the Rayfin Benthic is fully compatible with ROV, AUV, tow/drop, autonomous, and observatory systems.

The camera comes equipped with Rayfin Control Software and its modern interface, with real-time control and media download, makes it intuitive to use. TThe Rayfin comes standard with free software updates to keep your camera cutting-edge.

  • SubC Imaging Rayfin Benthic 6000m
SubC Imaging
327 Memorial Drive
A5A 1R8 Clarenville
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Product features:


Built-in Storage

Record and store over 10 hours of 4K video, 40+ hours of HD video and thousands of digital stills.  And, as a data-logger, the Rayfin Benthic has built-in depth, tilt and roll sensors, and can store NMEA sensor data.


High-Quality Optics

Capture the sharpest images in the harshest environments thanks to the scratch-resistant sapphire lens paired with water-corrected LiquidOpticsTM.


Real-time and Intuitive

Conveniently view and download your footage in real-time while effortlessly controlling your camera, lights and lasers from a topside PC.


Compatible with all subsea systems

Get the most out of your asset. From marine science observatories to offshore energy ROVs, the Rayfin’s versatility provides high-quality footage no matter the application.


Easy Integration

Located on the back of the camera, auxiliary ports allow you to easily plug in lights, lasers, and other sensors, to enhance the quality of your footage.


Time Lapse and Automation

Save time during longer-term projects, and automate workflows to reduce repetition by using autonomous scripting to capture time-lapse videos and digital stills.



  • Number of cameras
  • Resolution [width × height]
    5344 x 4008
  • Resolution [TVL]
  • Build-in light
    Available Auxiliary LED
  • Autofocus
  • Still image capable
  • Megapixels
  • Camera unit Weight [kg]
  • Camera unit Length [m]
  • Camera unit Width [m]
  • Camera unit Depth [m]
  • Type of data storage
  • Maximum data storage [mb]
  • File formats
    JPEG and RAW

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