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DarkCrystal CAM – HDR IP Network Camera

This small, affordable, yet rugged self-lighted camera is designed to fit where traditional cameras cannot go. A high-quality sapphire port and titanium housing allow operation down to 6,000 meters for a wide range of subsea applications. A miniature, highly flexible, integral cable helps reduce the overall size and weight of the product for tight spots such as small ROV pan & tilts with very low torque capability.


Video resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range are much improved over existing products.

The dimmable HBLED light can output up to 2500 lumens using our unique high-count LED circuitry to ensure uniform illumination over the entire field of view with minimal shadows.

      • High Performance, Compact Size
      • Depth rated to 6,000m
      • Designed for long or short-term deployment applications
      • Low Latency Video Output: IP (1080p30) or CVBS (1000TVL)
      • Exceptional Video Quality: High Sensitivity and High Dynamic Range (HDR)
      • Excellent Visibility: 70° DFOV Flat Port, Low Distortion Lens
      • Full Camera and LED controls
      • Integral in-line cable for simplified system integration

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