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Subsea Cables

Subsea cables provide reliable power and data transmission over a range of depths, voltage and current ratings, and applications. Subsea cables are used ROV and AUV connections, shipboard power and underwater Ethernet applications.
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Kevlar Rope
Kevlar Rope

Frankstar Technology Group PTE. LTD

Various types of submersible markers, buoys, traction cranes, high-strength mooring special ropes, ultra-high strength, lower elongation, double braided weaving tech

YOEC Group Optic Fiber Coil for Sensing
Optic Fibre Coil for Sensing

Yangtze Optical Electronics Co., Ltd

For the optical signal delay in the field of optical sensors, we can customize various types of optical fibre, various optical fibre lengths, various sizes and struc

Teledyne AGT Terminations
AGT Terminations

Teledyne Marine

​A wide variety of inline and cable end terminations designed to withstand seismic shocks, harsh handling, and extreme marine environments.

Dyneema Rope
Dyneema Rope

Frankstar Technology Group PTE. LTD

The physical properties of high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fibers are excellent.
Mainly used on plankton trawl nets, it can provide static buoyancy, and

Teledyne AGC Cable
AGC Cable

Teledyne Marine

Standard electrical cables, shielded, and coaxial cables designed to withstand high shock environments, harsh handling, and extreme marine conditions
​Two to 16 con

Multi-purpose coax  armoured Tow cable
Multi-purpose coax armoured Tow cable


1SSA4 coax armoured tow cable is part of Aquancable® standard range, specialist cables for marine and underwater technologies supplied or manufactured in short deliv

Buoyant STFOC
Buoyant STFOC

Linden Photonics



, Reliable, robust and long-term efficient solution in:
• Defence & Security,
• Extreme Temperatures;
• Geo-survey & Seismology, Oceanography,
• Subsea Telecommu

Neutrally buoyant tether cable
Neutrally buoyant tether cable

Cable Solutions Worldwide Ltd

Neutrally buoyant tether cable for ROV / Micro ROV applications

Deregt ROV Cables
ROV Cables

DeRegt Cables

Amongst others these are used for applications like remotely operated vehicles. Mainlift umbilicals and tether
cables provide a combination of power/comms and hoist

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