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Underwater Industry Pluggable Electrical Micro/ Standard Circular Rubber Connector

Standard Round Rubber Connector, Micro Circular Underwater Connector, Wet-Mate Connector

The Micro Circular Rubber Connector is designed by Frankstar Technology which provides enhanced water tightness with uniform needle core size and design. The product is based on the standard circular series, which greatly reduces the installation space. It is suitable for the use of compact and portable equipment, instruments, and systems.


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Physical Properties

UV resistance


Typical applications

maritime scientific research Military detection offshore oil drilling marine geophysics nuclear power station marine industry under water robot Underwater cameras and lights underwater battery underwater motor Underwater Power Transmission System underwater sensor underwater sonar system underwater connection system

Standard compliances [ISO or others]


Material strength member

Rubber, Neoprene, SOOW flexible cable, Teflon skin

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