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Sound Velocity Sensors and Profilers

A Sound Velocity Sensor is a device that is used for measuring the speed of sound, specifically in a body of water. A Sound Velocity Profiler measures the speed of sound throughout the column of water. Sound velocity in water is measured by either using a small acoustic signal which is sent to a receiver at a known distance or by measuring the variables affecting sound velocity in water; salinity, temperature and pressure variables.

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Valeport rapidSV

Valeport Ltd


Valeport Ltd

AML Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP)
Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP)

AML Oceanographic

Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) is proven to remove both the technical and financial unpredictability associated with survey operations. Public and private organization

Teledyne Underway SV
Underway SV

Teledyne Marine

The Oceanscience UnderwaySV offers vertical sound velocity (SV) profiles in minutes, without ever having to stop the survey vessel. The latest Valeport Ltd digital t


Valeport Ltd

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