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Sidescan Sonars

Sidescan Sonar is a category of sonar system that is used to efficiently create an image of large areas of the seafloor. A Sidescan Sonar is dragged just above the seafloor and emits sonar pulses downwards. When capturing the seafloor there is a tradeoff between using high frequencies for high resolution but small coverages and using low frequencies for low resolution but high coverage.

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Klein Marine Systems System 5900
System 5900

Klein - A MIND Technology Business

The Klein System 5900 is a multi-functional platform that allows the operator to perform high speed surveys with 100% bottom coverage. Only multi-beam side scan sona

Ixblue SAMS DT-6000
Sams Series


Combining positioning and navigation capabilities and performing real-time coherent and non-coherent SAS integration, the Sams Series provides optimal imaging perfor


Falmouth Scientific, Inc.

The HMS-624 leverages advanced technologies to provide superior imaging capabilities for deep and shallow water applications. Dual Simultaneous 100/400 KHz Frequency

Pulsar - High resolution side scan sonar
PulSAR - high resolution side scan sonar

GeoAcoustics Ltd

Pulsar acquires high resolution acoustic images of the seabed by using a rugged tow fish that can be easily operated with a water protected deck unit and small cable

Klein Marine System 5000 V2
System 5000 V2

Klein - A MIND Technology Business

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