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Sidescan Sonars

Sidescan Sonar is a category of sonar system that is used to efficiently create an image of large areas of the seafloor. A Sidescan Sonar is dragged just above the seafloor and emits sonar pulses downwards. When capturing the seafloor there is a tradeoff between using high frequencies for high resolution but small coverages and using low frequencies for low resolution but high coverage.

Side-scan sonar is an effective sonar instrument used to create images of the seafloor and other underwater objects. It is often chosen over MBES or SBES when greater detail is needed in the data, and is well-suited for shallow water environments, complex topography, and areas difficult to access. Side-scan sonar is also used in conjunction with other instruments, such as MBES, to provide a more comprehensive view of the seafloor. The price range for a side-scan sonar system varies, but can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

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Kongsberg EA440 Sidescan Sonar - Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com
EA440 Sidescan Sonar

Kongsberg Maritime

EA440 is a high performance hydrographic wide band single beam echo sounder. The echo sounder is developed for hydrographic use in shallow to medium depth waters. It

Klein Marine UUV-3500

Klein - A MIND Technology Business

For over 50 years, Klein a MIND Technology Business has “set the bar” for commercial side scan sonar performance. The newly developed UUV-3500 product line leverages

Hydro-Tech ES Series SSS Side Scan Sonar - Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com
ES Series SSS Side Scan Sonar


ES Series embedded side scan sonar is multi-frequency optional specially designed for AUV, USV, ROV and other unmanned platforms. The selectable working frequency r

Pulsar - High resolution side scan sonar
Pulsar - high resolution side scan sonar

GeoAcoustics Ltd

Pulsar acquires high resolution acoustic images of the seabed by using a rugged tow fish that can be easily operated with a water protected deck unit and small cable

StarFish 992H
StarFish 992H

Blueprint Subsea

The StarFish 992H is an affordable high-performance hull mounted side scan sonar suitable for small inshore crafts. The compact, slim-line transducer design combined

Klein-A MIND Technology System 4900 - Sidescan Sonar -Compare with Similar Products on
System 4900

Klein - A MIND Technology Business

The high fidelity, high-definition imaging abilities and portability of the System 4900 make it an ideal tool for Search & Recovery (SAR) missions while its rugged c

D3500TF Digital Side Scan Sonar
D3500TF Digital Side Scan Sonar

Klein - A MIND Technology Business

The Klein System D3500TF is a digital CHIRP/CW Side Scan Sonar designed for deep water surveys up to 3000 m depth. The high fidelity, high definition imaging abiliti

Klein Marine Systems System 5900
System 5900

Klein - A MIND Technology Business

The Klein System 5900 is a multi-functional platform that allows the operator to perform high speed surveys with 100% bottom coverage. Only multi-beam side scan sona

Airmar SS82 Sidescan Transducer 200 kHz
SS82 Side-Scan Transducer 200 kHz

AIRMAR Technology Corporation

The SS82 is a large 200 kHz side-scan transducer with 0.5°x48° beamwidth for demanding oceanographic applications, such as detailed, high-resolution surveying and bo

SS134 Side Scan Transducer 340kHz or 500kHz
SS134 Side-Scan Transducer 340 kHz or 500 kHz

AIRMAR Technology Corporation

The SS134 small side-scan transducer with 0.5°x48° beamwidth has been designed to meet the needs of oceanographic applications, such as surveying and detailed, high-

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