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Sidescan Sonars

Sidescan Sonar is a category of sonar system that is used to efficiently create an image of large areas of the seafloor. A Sidescan Sonar is dragged just above the seafloor and emits sonar pulses downwards. When capturing the seafloor there is a tradeoff between using high frequencies for high resolution but small coverages and using low frequencies for low resolution but high coverage.

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Ixblue SAMS DT-6000
Sams Series


SAMS DT-6000 is a deep towed platform (6000 m depth rating) with positive buoyancy incorporating a dead weight and an emergency recovery system. It allows a full

Teledyne C3D-TOW

Teledyne Marine

Klein Marine System 4000
System 4000

Klein Marine Systems

The Klein System 4000 Side Scan Sonar is a state-of-the-art versatile multi-purpose sonar that can be used to conduct a variety of survey applications in shallow and

D3500TF Digital Side Scan Sonar
D3500TF Digital Side Scan Sonar

Klein Marine Systems

The Klein System D3500TF is a digital CHIRP/CW Side Scan Sonar designed for deep water surveys up to 3000 m depth. The high fidelity, high definition imaging abiliti

Marine Sonic Sea Scan ARC Explorer
Sea Scan ARC Explorer

Marine Sonic Technology

The Sea Scan ARC Explorer Adaptive CHIRP towed system is a ultra high resolution side scan sonar system used for a wide variety of missions. Trusted by Police, Fire,

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