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5 Parameters(No2, NO3, PO4, NH4 and SiO3) Nutrient Analyzer Nutritive Salt Sensor

In-Situ On-Line Monitoring of Five Parameter Nutrient Sensor (No2-Nnitrite, NO3-Nnitrate, PO4-Pphosphate, NH4-Nammonia nitrogen and SiO3-Si silicate)

With small size and low power consumption, it can be integrated into buoys, shore stations, survey ships and laboratories and other platforms,applying to ocean, estuary, rivers, lakes and groundwater and other water bodies, which can provide high-precision, continuous and stable data for eutrophication research, phytoplankton growth research and environmental change monitoring. No2-Nnitrite, NO3-Nnitrate, PO4-Pphosphate, NH4-Nammonia nitrogen and SiO3-Si silicate


The nutritive salt analyzer is our key research and development project achievement. The instrument completely simulates manual operation, and only one instrument can simultaneously complete the in-situ on-line monitoring of five kinds of nutritive salt (No2-N nitrite, NO3-N nitrate, PO4-P phosphate, NH4-N ammonia nitrogen, SiO3-Si silicate) with high quality. Equipped with a handheld terminal, simplified setting process, and convenient operation, It can meet the needs of buoy, ship and other field debugging.


✓ Measuring parameter:5
✓ Measuring time:56 min (5 parameters) Cleaning water consumption: 18.4 ml/period (5 parameters)
✓ Liquid waste: 33 ml/period (5 parameters)
✓ Data transmission: RS485
✓ Power: 12V
✓ Debugging device: handheld terminal
✓ Endurance: 4~8weeks, It depends on the length of the sampling interval(According to reagent calculation, it is able to do 240 times at most)

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