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1.2m 1.6m 3m Multi Parameter Integrated Observation Big Data Buoy

Integrated Observation Wave Buoy for Monitor Water Quality Ecological Parameters

Integrated Wave Buoy is a simple and cost-effective buoy developed by Frankstar Technology for offshore, estuary, river, lake. It can steadily and continuously monitor a variety of water quality ecological parameters such as nutrient salts in specific waters, which is applicable to rivers, lakes, oceans and other waters to realize online water quality monitoring and ecological disaster warning.


Integrated Wave Buoy is a simple and cost-effective buoy developed by Frankstar Technology for offshore, estuary, river, and lake. The shell is made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic, sprayed with polyurea, and powered by solar energy and battery, which can realize continuous, real-time and effective monitoring of wave, weather, hydrological dynamics and other elements. Data can be sent back in the current time for analysis and processing, which can provide high-quality data for scientific research. The product has stable performance and convenient maintenance. There are 3 types of observation buoy: 1.2m, 1.6m & 3m. Please contact us for each introduction.


  1. High strength, strong corrosion-resistance with CCSB Structural Steel Ship Plate, the buoy itself is of high strength and strong corrosion resistance.
  2. Long battery using span, the buoy can work at least 2 years without repair and retrieve
  3. With a professional design, the buoy is anti-wind and waves
  4. Reduce unnecessary costs
  5. Multi-a communication system, users can choose the armed location flexibly
  6. International standard parameter
  7. OEM/ ODM is accepted and can meet our user’s diversified option






Weight (in air)


Observation well diameter


hatch diameter


Protection depth


Meteorological Sensor

Wind speed


Wind direction


atmospheric pressure


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Wave and tide variables sensors

Wave frequency

Wave height

Wave period

Wave direction

Current speed

Current direction

Water variables sensors

Water depth

Water temperature

Water salinity

Water turbidity

Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM)


Dissolved oxygen


Underwater radiance

Sound Velocity

Atmospheric and solar variables

Air temperature

Air humidity

Barometric pressure

Wind speed

Wind direction

Solar radiation

Application and Use

Training facilities

Communication and data

Web based control and tracking

Acoustic communication

Iridium/Satellite communication

Cellular comunication

UHF/VHF communication

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