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Matrix II

Matrix II

Matrix II

MATRIX II is a compact new generation of smart laser AR RTK designed for any surveying project using the latest GNSS technology. This receiver is equipped with all modern required connectivity modules: Bluetooth, Internal radio, WIFI & 4G modem. 7000mAh Built-in battery, IMU tilt technology and WebUl are other latest technologies used in MATRIX II receiver.


Multi constellation

Matrix, with its 1408 channels, is a new generation full GNSS chipset & ability to support multiple satellite constellations including GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS, SBAS and IRNSS providing precise and accurate spatial data for all users around the world.

AR Camera

When the stakeout points are marked directly on the ground, surveyors can easily find the exact location of the stakeout points. By following the arrows on the real-life map, you can stake out points in one go, without having to move the pole back and forth, making the stakeout work more accurate and efficient.

Laser Survey

The world’s exclusive patented laser coordinate measurement quick calibration technology can quickly achieve centimetre-level measurement accuracy, making measurement more accurate and user-friendly. Besides, the camera used in the equipment overcomes the difficulty of aiming under sunlight, making field measurement operations faster and more efficient.

Worry-free Storage

Built-in 64GB memory, which can meet most needs of fieldwork. And the feature of cyclic storage helps the receiver to automatically remove the previous observation data while there is not enough space in the memory; with this excellent performance, data storage can last almost 4 years based on a 5s sampling interval. And the design of an embedded memory chip can ensure the safety of observation data.

WiFi and WebUl

Matrix serves as a WIFI hotspot, so users can easily access, manage the status, set the configuration or download static and PPK raw data through advanced WebUl using a computer, smartphone or other electronic devices with WIFI support without any need to third-party software or cable.

IMU Tilt Sensor

Matrix is equipped with a fast initialization, calibration free & immune to magnetic interference Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). All users can use this technology to collect or stakeout topo points up to 120°.

GSM & UHF radio

A fast internet connection is guaranteed with a built-in 4G module that accelerates receiving correction data using all telecommunication signals and bands. Matrix comes with an integrated Tx/Rx internal UHF radio that ranges from 410 MHz to 470 MHz with selectable frequency providing the ability to connect and collect accurate real-time data in Base/Rover mode.

Battery & Power

Matrix is delivered with a large internal capacity 7000mAh lithium-ion internal battery supporting USB type-C fast charging, which allows users to work for more than 12 hours in daily field work.


Choosing a tiny, light, professional, rugged GNSS receiver has always concerned professional surveyors. Matrix, with its high-quality magnesium alloy body, provides such advantages without decreasing quality or notable increase in price.

Working mode

Every surveyor must operate and choose a suitable working method based on project requirements and required accuracy. To work in such conditions, users need a device in different modes such as Static, Network RTK, UHF RTK, PPK & etc. Matrix is offering all you need in one package!

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