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Leica Chiroptera-5 Bathymetric & Topographic LiDAR

Leica Chiroptera-5 Bathymetric & Topographic LiDAR

Superior Point Density and Depth Penetration for Coastal and Inland Water Surveys

Our world is changing rapidly. This is particularly true for rivers and coastal areas that are constantly reshaped by water. Airborne bathymetric survey plays a significant role in monitoring these changes and protecting the people and landscapes they affect. Highly efficient and innovative LiDAR sensors capture terrain data of coastal and inland waters to enable risk mitigation and more informed decision-making.


Leica Chiroptera-5, the high-performance airborne sensor, combines topographic and bathymetric LiDAR channels with a 4-band camera to deliver seamless data from water to land. The system provides 40% higher point density, a 20% increase in water depth penetration and improved topographic sensitivity compared to previous generations. The sensor delivers detailed LiDAR data of submerged terrain and objects and supports numerous applications such as nautical charting, erosion risk assessment, environmental monitoring and seabed classification.

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