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Infinity MR-S2 drone gimbal for 800g payloads

Mirrorless camera gimbal for 800 g (1.8 lb) payloads

InfinityMR-S2 is a light, powerful gimbal for Sony A6500 size cameras. Thanks to its smart design and top-quality materials, it is only 560g, what makes it one of the lightest gimbals in this class! Built-in slipring connector allows for clean wires routing and saves additional weight (as you don’t need to use a separate battery for the gimbal only). AlexMos controller with encoders delivers the best quality stabilization both in the underslung and inverted modes.


  • Weight: 599g/1.3 lb
  • Camera cage: 75x135x65 (H x W x D)
  • Outer: 253x181x180 (H x W x D)
  • AlexMos controller with encoders
  • Operating voltage: 12-16V
  • Toolless balancing system
  • Built-in Orbit anti-vibration system
  • Materials: aluminum & carbon fiber
  • Brushless encoder motors
  • Lens and camera body support system for better performance

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Mechanical characteristics

Platform length [mm]


Platform width [mm]


Platform height [mm]


Platform weight [kg]


Payload weight (max) [kg]


Sensor compatibility

Sony A6500; Sony A6000 and all similar.


Stabilization System Type

3-axis drone gimbal

Operation Area


Integrated functions

MAVLINK protocol support

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