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Emesent Hovermap ST

Hovermap ST Is the New Standard in Survey Grade, Autonomous LiDAR Mapping for Harsh GPS-Denied Environments.

A versatile SLAM-based mapper, Hovermap ST makes data capture fast, simple, and safe. Hovermap ST is a smart mobile scanning unit equally capable above ground or belowground, indoors or out.

  • Emesent Hovermap ST
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Hovermap ST is the new standard in survey grade, autonomous, LiDAR mapping. It's tough, lightweight, IP65 weather sealed design enables the capture of valuable data in previously inaccessible areas. This powerful combination of precision engineering, world-leading SLAM algorithms, and robust drone autonomy capability provides accurate LiDAR mapping for as-builts, surveys, or inspections. Equally capable above ground or underground, indoors or out, Hovermap ST can easily be switched from a drone flight to a walking, vehicle-, or backpack-mounted scan, providing the versatility needed to capture data anywhere.


  • Type
  • Year of last update
  • Year of introduction
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Weight [kg]
  • Water sand and dust proof
    It's tough, IP65, weather sealed design allows the mapping of harsh environments without concern for dust, rain, extreme temperatures, or humidity.
  • Humidity range
    90% at 40°C
  • Battery type [120 characters]
    14.8v battery, Standard battery charger
  • SLAM algorithm implemented
  • Min. Range [m]
  • Max Range [m]
  • Max. vertical field of view [deg]
  • Max. horizontal field of view [deg]
  • Data storage type [120 characters]
    512 Gigabytes – approximately 8 hours of sensor data
  • Main applications
    underground mining, above-ground mining, telecom towers, transmission towers, bridges
  • Distinguishable features
    Hovermap ST combined with the new Automated Ground Control feature is set to revolutionize SLAM*-based LiDAR mapping. This new feature enhances the SLAM solution to remove SLAM drift and produce survey grade, georeferenced point clouds. It provides unrivaled SLAM accuracy and workflow efficiencies, allowing users to capture data autonomously in more complex environments.

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