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Long Range Radio for Hovermap

Fast-track Inspections and Surveying with Continuous Scanning

When using Hovermap to map large areas or fly autonomously in and around complex assets to map and inspect them, it can be useful to monitor the flight's progress and interact with the flight autonomy from a distance. Now, thanks to Emesent’s Long Range Radio it’s possible to live stream Hovermap point cloud data and control Hovermap from up to 20 times further.


Explore more of the inaccessible with further connectivity

Long Range Radio provides the ability to leverage Hovermap’s autonomous flight modes more effectively by allowing interaction with the autonomy interface over longer distances. Set or update Smart Waypoints mid-flight for Guided Exploration in GPS-denied environments – even beyond line of sight.

Capture an asset in one go, streamlining workflows

Long Range Radio saves time in the field scanning large, complex environments without having to return home to update communications and check point cloud coverage. Capturing the entire site in one continuous scan eliminates the need to process and merge multiple data files for further time savings. Emesent’s Long Range Radio   accessory easily attaches to a compatible Hovermap to increase the connectivity range up to 20 times for a reach of up to 1km with above ground, line of site flight, subject to environmental/geometry and regional configuration. This allows you to reap the full benefits of Hovermap’s autonomy and mapping capabilities and extend the range of its applications. Capture accurate point clouds of industrial buildings, campuses, forests, or terrain with safe, GPS-denied flight while still receiving real-time data and setting Smart Waypoints for Guided Exploration, all from a distance. Capture more with a single flight from one location, avoiding unnecessary setup, pack down, and moving time. Long Range Radio and the compatible Hovermaps have tough, lightweight, weather-sealed designs allowing the capture of valuable data in previously inaccessible areas, whether that’s above ground, underground, indoors, or out.

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