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Emesent Aura

Integrated Processing and Visualization Software. Simplifying 3D Laser Scanning Workflows from Capture to Insight

Emesent Aura allows the processing and visualization of scans in one intuitive platform, streamlining the way Hovermap users process, view, and analyze point clouds for faster insights and improved decision-making. SLAM-based mapping is known for its speed, ease of use, and ability to capture shadowless, dense point clouds. As use cases grow and point cloud sizes increase, efficiently processing, viewing, and analyzing the data becomes challenging.

  • Emesent Aura
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A single, streamlined application workflow

Don’t waste time switching between applications to process and view your data. Aura consolidates it all in one platform, with the ability to export to widely-used industry file formats and CAD packages.


Visualize every detail - even complex assets

Multi-Frame Rendering efficiently visualizes your point cloud in the highest detail, no matter how dense the points or complex the asset, giving you deeper insights.


Process, Visualize and Analyze simultaneously

Aura gives you the ability to toggle between open point clouds, so you can work on multiple scans at the same time as you are processing, improving efficiencies and saving you time.


Reliable, high-quality processing

Processing powered by the world’s leading SLAM algorithm converts your data into highly detailed, accurate point clouds.


Intuitive and responsive interface

Aura’s simple navigation and intuitive workflows make it easy for users of all levels to process, visualize, analyze and export their data.



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