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Imaging Sonars

Imaging Sonar is a category of sonar systems that are used to efficiently create an image of the seafloor or underwater objects. Unlike Sidescan Sonars, which are dragged along the seafloor, Imaging Sonars are either handheld or mounted on a ROVs

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Oculus M370s Single Freq. Multibeam Sonar System
Oculus M370s

Blueprint Subsea

With a 200m range capability, this sonar is a cost-effective alternative to traditional mechanically scanned sonars, typically being used for long-range navigation a

Diver-held high Resolution Imaging Sonar DS900


This unique device is one of the most powerful and practical sonar systems in the market for savvy divers. It is a hand-held underwater imaging system that gives hig

Teledyne Marine SeaBat 7128
SeaBat 7128

Teledyne Marine

The SeaBat 7128 is a forward-looking multibeam imaging system. It’s ideal for shallow-water imaging applications, generating hi-res images even when your vessel is s



NORBIT’s Forward-Looking Sonars (FLS) are high-resolution Wideband Multibeam Sonars (WMBS) with real-time image updating designed to detect obstacles in front of shi

EchoLogger MRS900S


Super light mini scanning sonar MRS900S. MRS900S is made of fully plastic materials, weighing only 380g (140g in water).  There is no metallic part exposed to water,

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