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Imaging Sonars

Imaging Sonar is a category of sonar systems that are used to efficiently create an image of the seafloor or underwater objects. Unlike Sidescan Sonars, which are dragged along the seafloor, Imaging Sonars are either handheld or mounted on a ROVs

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Teledyne SeaBat F30 - IMAGING SONARS - Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com
SeaBat F30

Teledyne Marine

The SeaBat F30 (also known as 7130-MkII) is a high-resolution Forward-Looking Sonar System designed specifically for 12 ¾ inch (approx. 324mm) AUVs/UUVs. The SeaBat

EchoLogger MRS900S


Super light mini scanning sonar MRS900S. MRS900S is made of fully plastic materials, weighing only 380g (140g in water).  There is no metallic part exposed to water,

BlueView M900-2250-S 130/45-Mk2
BlueView M900-2250-S 130/45-Mk2

Teledyne Marine

The dual frequency M900/2250-S 130/45-Mk2 is a new configuration of the leading BlueView M900/2250 optimized for superb image quality in challenging shallow water en

Echologger DASS710


Dual Axis Scanning SONAR, DASS is a real-time 3D imaging sonar which can be deployed in stand-alone mode or daisy chain mode using an RS-485 network. The 3D point cl

BlueView M450 Mk2
BlueView M450 Mk2

Teledyne Marine

BlueView M-series - when you can’t compromise on imagery. Compact full featured 2D multibeam imaging sonar in a compact form factor with low power requirements. Deli

Impact Subsea ISS360 Range of Imaging Sonars - Compare with Similar Products on
ISS360 Range of Imaging Sonars

Impact Subsea

The ISS360 range of Imaging Sonars provide excellent image clarity with a long-range capability. The ISS360 is the world’s most compact imaging sonar and provides an

Klein µMA-X Nadir Imaging Sonar for AUV/ROV
µMA-X Nadir Imaging Sonar

Klein - A MIND Technology Business

Klein-A MIND Technology Business is pleased to offer the first Nadir Imaging Sonar for both the commercial and military unmanned vehicle markets. The μMA-X is a high

Mini imaging sonar MRS900
Mini imaging sonar MRS900


Ultra-compact scannin sonar with high resolution images

Geomatching | Kongsberg M3 Sonar - 500m
M3 Sonar - 500m

Kongsberg Maritime

The M3 Sonar is a 2D multibeam system with imaging and profiling capabilities. The M3 Sonar provides high-resolution and easy to interpret images by combining the ra

SeaBat T20-ASV
SeaBat T20-ASV

Teledyne Marine

​The SeaBat® T20-ASV is built around the renowned SeaBat® T20 and maintains the incredible SeaBat® data quality in a smaller form factor. Now, optimized power requir

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