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Seamap SeaLink Solid Streamer

The first streamer to incorporate real time passive flow noise reduction

Seamap’s SeaLink Solid Streamer active sections are available to work in tandem with the SeaLink 3840 Recording system and the SeaLink 24 Digital Module and 24 Channel Tension Modules.

  • Seamap SeaLink Solid Streamer


The SeaLink Solid Streamer is the first streamer to incorporate real time passive flow noise reduction by utilizing the properties of the PVDF Thin Film Technology to create a multiple sensor configuration where flow noise is sensed independently from acoustic energy. Seamap’s patented technology is combined with the acoustic output in such a way as to significantly mitigate unwanted noise due to flow while preserving acoustic amplitude and phase.

The Solid Streamer active section incorporates Seamap’s patented Active Flow Noise Canceling Hydrophones for significantly higher overall signal to noise ratio. Low stretch high modulus center stress member, torque balanced core cable design, and robust flotation all provide a uniquely stable and resilient solid streamer design. Coupled with Passive Flow Noise Canceling Hydrophones, Seamap’s Solid Streamer package provides unmatched performance and durability in the industry. All sections are equipped with the SeaLink connector tie off adapter.

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