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Valeport Limited Model 106 Lightweight Current Meter

The Model 106 is the ideal instrument for coastal and estuarine applications and other light-duty survey work.

  • Valeport Limited Model 106 Lightweight Current Meter
Valeport Limited
St. Peters Quay
TQ9 5EW Totnes
United Kingdom
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A low cost, lightweight alternative to larger flow meters, it is purpose-built for applications where the superior durability and depth rating of Valeport’s larger meters is not necessary. The instrument is manufactured from titanium and polymers, giving excellent resistance to corrosion, whilst maintaining a small size and low weight. Utilising the standard Valeport 125mm diameter impeller, the Model 106 features speed and direction parameters as standard, with further options of temperature and depth. Data (logged or real time) is compatible with Valeport’s DataLog™ software.


  • Field of Use
    Ideal for use in rivers and coastal applications, or from small boats.
  • Dedicated software
  • Operating System
  • Processor
  • Power supply (internal/external with specs)
    Internal: 1 x D cell. 1.5v alkaline cell gives approximately 30 days at 10 second sample rate, or 56 days at 5 minute sample rate. 3.6v Lithium cell gives approximately 90 days at 10 second sample rate, or 180 days at 5 minute sample rate. External: For external supply, 12-20v DC is required. Power can also be taken from the Model 8008 CDU.
  • Output interface {eg. rs232}
  • Weight in air [kg]
  • Weight in water [kg]
  • Width [cm]
  • Length [cm]
  • Housing material
    Titanium, acetal and ABS plastic
  • Type of sensor
    High Impact Styrene Impeller
  • Range
    0.03 to 5m/s
  • Accuracy
    ±0.004m/s (below 0.15m/s) ±1.5% of reading above 0.15m/s ±
  • Type of sensor
    Flux gate compass
  • Range
    0 to 360°
  • Accuracy
    ± 2.5°
  • Resolution
  • Data storage
    512 Kbyte Solid State Memory

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