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Hyperion Phycocyanin

Valeport’s Hyperion Phycocyanin Fluorometer Sensor Delivers High-Performance Measurements of Phycocyanin

In a compact & robust package ideal as a stand-alone sensor, for ROV and AUV integration or used as part of a multi-sensor array and data logger.


Offered as standard in a 6,000m depth-rated titanium housing, the Hyperion Fluorometer has a wide range (9-28V DC) isolated power supply, data output up to 16Hz and RS232, RS485 with ASCII and Modbus communication protocols. The Hyperion offers an industry-leading dynamic range with no adjustment of gain settings required. The detection range for the Phycocyanin Fluorometer is from 0 to 9,000 ppm. Hyperion Fluorometers can be supplied in a more rugged form that includes acetal protection rings, a shaped anti-snag connector cover and a kevlar weave-protected cable for borehole applications.

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Physical Properties

Weight in air [kg]


Weight in water [kg]



Titanium with Sapphire glass window

Min. operating temperature [°C]


Max. operating temperature [°C]


Max. operating depth [m]


Width [m]


Length [m]



Sensor type


Hardware/software requirements

Dedicated software



Valeport Configure 2.0.31

Power supply and communication

Output interface {eg. rs232}

RS232 / RS485 / Modbus RTU Up to 200m cable Direct to serial port via USB adapter

Power supply min. [V]


Power supply max. [V]


Additional sensors

Additional sensors


Additional information

Excitation 590 nm, Detection 650 nm, Dynamic Range: gain setting is software controlled 0-9000 ppb, Minimum Detection (3x SD in RO water) 0.08 ppb, Linearity 0.99 R2, Response Time 0.03 to 2 sec, Output Rate 0.5Hz to 16Hz (free running) software controlled


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Other documents
  • Valeport Hyperion Phycocyanin Datasheet
    1.8 MB

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