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The miniIPS1 is an evolutionary upgrade over the miniIPS, presenting industry proven functionality that is equally reliable and trusted. The miniIPS1 now benefits from improved power consumption, isolated power and comms.


The miniIPS1 is a precision underwater pressure sensor; 0.01% accuracy, a titanium housing and a choice of pressure ranges make it a cost-effective solution for offshore engineers, vehicle pilots, and other operators who require highly accurate depth information in real time. The miniIPS1 is also supplied as an OEM for sensor integration to other manufacturers.

The miniIPS1 is compatible with Valeport’s MIDAS BathyPack and BathyLog software, allowing the depth data to be continually updated for Density variations in the water column.

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External body material

Titanium (6000m rated)

Height [m]


Length [m]


Max depth [m]


Weight in air [kg]


Year of initial development


Data recording and retrieval

Communication protocol

4800 to 115200 baud, (8,1,N)

Data format

RS232, RS485

Data characteristics

Depth resolution [%FS]


Depth uncertainty [%FS]


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