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ADCPs - Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers

ADCPs are sonar systems which measure water current velocities. The Doppler effect allows the sensors to measure the velocities over a range of depths, making them ideal for oceanographic applications to measure the currents.

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Pinnacle ADCP
Pinnacle ADCP

Teledyne Marine

Building upon the tremendous 20-year success of their industry-standard Long Ranger ADCP, Teledyne RDI is pleased to introduce their next-eneration long-range ADCP—t

Signature VM 1000
Signature VM 1000


Nortek’s vessel-mounted ADCP current survey package – called Signature VM – opens up new and unprecedented opportunities to the community, while offering operational

Teledyne Sentinel V20 (1000kHz)
Sentinel V20 (1000kHz)

Teledyne Marine

Teledyne Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS)
Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS)

Teledyne Marine

Geomatching | Aanderaa In-line DCS
In-line DCS

Aanderaa Data Instruments

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