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Advanced Navigation Subsonus

Acoustic Positioning System (USBL)

Subsonus is a next-generation USBL underwater acoustic positioning system that provides high accuracy position, velocity, and heading at depths of up to 1000 metres. The system features an industry-leading calibrated hydrophone array combined with an internal tightly coupled INS, all packed into a miniature titanium enclosure small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

  • Advanced Navigation Subsonus
Advanced Navigation
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Industry-Leading Hydrophone Array

Subsonus features an industry-leading eight-channel factory-calibrated hydrophone array. With so many hydrophones, Subsonus is able to offer superior angular and ranging accuracy. Subsonus's hydrophones are a new highly directional in-house design that offers incredible receive sensitivity combined with exceptional noise and multipath rejection. Despite the directionality of each element, the complete array of eight provides a full acoustic field of view for tracking targets from any direction.

Integrated Tightly Coupled INS

Subsonus features an integrated tightly coupled INS (inertial navigation system). The INS fuses Subsonus's acoustic position and Doppler velocity with factory-calibrated inertial sensors and a depth sensor to achieve an optimal solution with accuracy far beyond that of a standalone acoustic positioning system. This also allows Subsonus to output reliable low noise, high update rate position, and velocity that is suitable for control.

Automatic Speed Of Sound

Subsonus has the ability to measure the speed of sound through water using a revolutionary new technique. This means that the system is self-tuning and no extra equipment or user intervention is required to set up the system, reducing the risk of operator errors.

Dynamic Transmit Power

Subsonus dynamically adjusts its acoustic transmit power based upon ranging distance. This results in highly improved short-range performance by significantly reducing noise and multipath. Subsonus features an operating range and depth of up to 1000 metres.

Acoustic Heading

Subsonus works on an inverted USBL scheme which allows it to provide accurate acoustic heading to the subsea vehicle. Additionally, because reference position and heading data is transmitted acoustically, the Subsonus unit on the subsea vehicle can output absolute position, velocity, and heading without the use of a tether for data transfer. Subsonus can also operate in a standard USBL scheme where it is compatible with most major beacons.

Fully Integrated Miniature Enclosure

Subsonus does away with the typical reliance on external equipment such as rack mount units, interface boxes, or PCs. All processing is done internally inside the miniature titanium enclosure and the system connects through a single ethernet connection for data output. It features a web browser-based user interface.


  • Date of first release
  • Mounting
    Hull mounted & Portable
  • Retractable
  • Frequency {kHz}
  • Spread spectrum technology
  • Min. operation range {m}
  • Max. operation range {m}
  • Operation beam angle {deg}
  • Angle accuracy (degr) @ 20 dB
  • Focussed beam forming
  • Horizontal accuracy (in % of the water depth)
  • Vertical accuracy (in % of the water depth)
  • Number of active elements
  • Number of transponder channels
  • Multi user functionality
  • LBL-functionality
  • Ray tracing
  • Real-time integration of SV-profile
  • Required pitch uncertainty [deg}
  • Required roll uncertainty [deg]
  • Required heave uncertainty [m]
  • Motion sensors compatible to the system:
    Internal INS, External NMEA
  • Compatible hardware
    NMEA0183: Ethernet [TCP/UDP]
  • Compatible software
    Embedded web-MMI compatible via Ethernet NMEA
  • Real-time access procedure
    Ethernet 100mbps
  • Inertial interfacing
  • Dry weight {kg}
  • Depth rating {m}
  • Additional functions
    Acoustic heading, simultaneous communication and positioning
  • Inside deployment pole available
  • Outside deployment pole available
  • Recommended distance below keel {m}

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