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Ultra-Short Baseline and Super-Short Base Line is a method of underwater acoustic positioning. A USBL transmits an acoustic pulse which is detected by a transceiver and converted into a range. With both range and distance measurements, a USBL or SSBL is able to position an AUV or ROV kilometers away with a 0.1 angle accuracy.
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Gaps M5
Gaps M5


Gaps M5 is a medium frequency ultra-short baseline (USBL) positioning system for accurate location, positioning and tracking of subsea assets, from ultra-shallow wat

DiveNET: Commander Master Transceiver and Universal Target Responder antennae
DiveNET: Commander

DiveNET Subsea Wireless

Highly compact and streamlined
Diver/ROV/AUV tracking and navigation support
Support for up to 23 transponders
32 wireless code commands
Mutual Navigation techno

Kongsberg HiPAP 352
HiPAP 352

Kongsberg Maritime

HiPAP 352 is developed to provide the market's best accuracy where HiPAP 502 extreme accuracy and long-range capabilities are not required.

HiPAP 452
HiPAP 452

Kongsberg Maritime

Kongberg µPAP 201-H
µPAP 201-H

Kongsberg Maritime

The μPAP Precision Acoustic Positioning system operates in SSBL mode (LBL is also possible) where it measures the distance and direction to subsea transponders and c

SeaTrac Lightweight (X150/X010) Micro-USBL System
SeaTrac Lightweight (X150/X010) Micro-USBL System

Blueprint Subsea

Multi-purpose 'ultra-short baseline' acoustic transponder system including X150 USBL beacon and X010 beacon. Broadband spread spectrum signalling scheme capable of s

Evologics S2C R 18/34 USBL
S2C R 18/34


S2CR 18/34 USBL with a horizontally omnidirectional transducer beam pattern is a universal tool for tracking and communication in reverberant shallow waters, providi

µPAP 200-NEL
µPAP 200-NEL

Kongsberg Maritime

Evologics S2C R 42/65 USBL
S2C R 42/65 USBL


High-speed device for short- and medium-range applications, wide-angle beam pattern for communication in vertical, slant and horizontal channels.

Applierd Acoustics Nexus 2 USBL, 2782 Transceiver - Compare with more products on
Nexus 2 USBL, 2782 Transceiver

applied acoustics

This is a high-performance USBL system. It is the next generation of advanced USBL positioning and tracking system that incorporates Sigma 2 spread spectrum technolo

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