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Ultra-Short Baseline and Super-Short Base Line is a method of underwater acoustic positioning. A USBL transmits an acoustic pulse which is detected by a transceiver and converted into a range. With both range and distance measurements, a USBL or SSBL is able to position an AUV or ROV kilometers away with a 0.1 angle accuracy.

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Gaps M5
Gaps M5


Gaps M5 is a medium frequency ultra-short baseline (USBL) positioning system for accurate location, positioning and tracking of subsea assets, from ultra-shallow wat

iXblue Gaps
Gaps M7


Gaps M7 is a high-performance Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) positioning and communication system dedicated to subsea assets localization. It combines a USBL antenna an


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Sonardyne HPT 3000 - USBL Tracking Transceiver
HPT 3000 - USBL Tracking Transceiver

Sonardyne International

The HPT 3000 Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) is a new smaller, lighter, high performance Ethernet interfaced transceiver supporting Sonardyne’s Wideband2 6G instruments.

µPAP 200-NEL
µPAP 200-NEL

Kongsberg Maritime


Sonardyne International

If you’re using a Ranger 2 system to track the position of a subsea target from a vessel of opportunity, over an extreme range, or from a pipelay vessel’s stinger, G

Evologics S2C R 42/65 USBL
S2C R 42/65 USBL


High-speed device for short- and medium-range applications, wide-angle beam pattern for communication in vertical, slant and horizontal channels.

SeaTrac X150+X110 Micro-USBL System
SeaTrac X150+X110 Micro-USBL System

Blueprint Subsea

Multi-purpose 'ultra-short base line' acoustic transponder system including X150 USBL beacon and X010 beacon.Broadband spread spectrum signalling scheme capable of s

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