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EchoLogger DL3S

Autonomous Data Collection for Long Period of Times From Echologger Underwater Sensors

DL3S, the underwater data logger, is unique in the market as an autonomous underwater system with many useful, practical scientific features.

  • EchoLogger DL3S
10540 Goyang-Si
South Korea
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The logger collects real-time data autonomously for a long period from Echologger underwater sensors such as dual frequency Echosounder, fan beam scanning and sharp pencil beam 3D sonar. EchoLogger’s sonar sensors are widely used globally for underwater environmental studies such as sediment monitoring, wave/tide monitoring, zooplankton studies, marine structure monitoring, etc. DL3S is a dedicated long-term logging facility for these popular sensors. But also, the logger has embedded sensors such as temperature, pressure, compass and tilt to collect helpful information in the water independently without connecting the external Echologger sensors listed above.

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