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Subsea Connectors

Highly reliable, engineered interconnect solutions for power transmission, data transmission, and monitoring applications for a wide variety of harsh environments.
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Teledyne Optical 12,000 Meter Connector
Optical 12,000 Meter Connector

Teledyne Marine

The connectors are manufactured in Titanium Ti 6Al-4V, which is electro-polished to remove surface contamination, thus improving resistance to corrosion. The engagin

Teledyne Omega Fiber Optic Connector
Omega Fiber Optic Connector

Teledyne Marine

Electrical pins are part of the CCP and the mating sockets are part of the FCR, CCR or BCR. Connectors populated with both electrical and optical ways will be popula

Teledyne AGP Positive Connectors
AGP Positive Connectors

​​Electrical interconnect where high shock and mechanical survivability are paramount.
Excellent mechanical survivability in extreme conditions.

Teledyne AGM Marine Connectors
AGM Marine Connectors

Teledyne Marine

Survives high shock environments, such as those found in seismic surveys
Excellent mechanical survivability in extreme environments

Teledyne Nautilus WM10-250
Nautilus WM10-250

Teledyne Marine

These trends drive demand for higher power equipment and higher power delivery and distribution capabilities subsea with high pressures and temperatures. Teledyne OD

107 Series MIL-C-24217
107 Series MIL-C-24217

Teledyne Marine

The Teledyne Dgo 107 Series Connectors used primarily in Navy dry mate submersible applications where reliability in differential pressure applications is critical.

128 Series High Density Connectors
128 Series High Density Connectors

Teledyne Marine

​A high density, instrumentation connector series for submerged applications where size and cost are major drivers in selection.

Teledyne Gross Alignment Funnel / Enhanced Latch Indicator (GAF/ELI)
Gross Alignment Funnel / Enhanced Latch Indicator (GAF/ELI)

Teledyne Marine

In conditions with low visibility and heavy current, the system aids in aligning the mating halves and providing a clear visual indicator when a successful mate occu

Rubber Molded GRE Connectors
Rubber Molded GRE Connectors

Teledyne Marine

​Molded neoprene inline connectors supplied on 24" length of #18 AWG SO cable (RMA/VMA supplied on 24" length of #20 AWG cable).
Custom lengths and cable types avai

Teledyne Rolling Seal 8 Optical Connector - APC (RS8 APC)
Rolling Seal 8 Optical Connector - APC (RS8 APC)

Teledyne Marine

The design reduces signal interference due to reflections at the connector face, supporting the next generation of subsea optical communication equipment. The Rollin

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