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Sub-bottom Profilers

Sub-bottom Profilers are a special kind of singlebeam echosounders, that operate with very low frequencies, that allow to penetrate and scan the upper layers of the subseafloor. There are linear and nonlinear sub-bottom profilers, whereas the work principle of the latter is based on the parametric effect.

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S-Boom triple plate
S-Boom, Triple boomer plates

applied acoustics

The S-Boom is a high power, high resolution repeatable seismic sound source that can be operated at fast repetition rates. The transmitted energy is focussed by the

AA251 Boomer plate
Single Boomer, AA251

applied acoustics

Boomer sub-bottom profiling system with a rugged mechanical design. The boomer plate is a seismic sound source that produces a sharp repeatable pulse from its floati

Chirp Sub-Bottom Profiler - installed in the Maritime Robotics Otter)
Knudsen SBP Package for Uncrewed Surface Vessels


Echoes 3500 T7
Echoes 3500 T7


Echoes 3500 has built its reputation with the Echoes 3500 T7, the 7-transducer full ocean depth hull-mounted solution that has been in successful operation for years

Kongsberg TOPAS PS120

Kongsberg Maritime

The system is designed for very high spatial resolution sub-bottom profiling in water depths from less than 2 meters more than 400 meters.

Innomar SES-2000 medium-100 SBP
Innomar Medium-100 SBP

INNOMAR Technologie

The Innomar medium-100 sub-bottom profiler acquires full-waveform data in water depths from two meters down to 2,000 metres. The layer resolution is better than 10cm

Echoes 3500 T3
Echoes 3500 T3


Echoes 3500 sub-bottom profilers family is the reference full ocean depth solution for oceanographic and hydrographic vessels. Based on highly reliable powerful 3-tr

Applied Acoustics Dura-Spark UHD 400+400 sub-bottom profilers - 1- Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com
Dura-Spark UHD 400+400

applied acoustics

The Dura-Spark UHD and UHD 400+400 have been designed to provide a stable, repeatable sound source for sub-bottom geophysical surveys. The long-life, durable electro

Pinger Shallow Water Sub Bottom Profiler
Pinger Shallow Water Sub Bottom Profiler


The Pinger Wet End assembly includes interchangeable broadband 3.5kHz and 15kHz projectors, a broadband hydrophone receive array, and a 200kHz transducer. The Pinger

Kongsberg SBP 29
SBP 29

Kongsberg Maritime

The SBP 29 is the next generation narrow beam sub-bottom profiler, and is the successor of the successful SBP 120 and SPB 300. The system has new and improved techno

Things to consider when selecting and buying a Sub-bottom Profiler

The hydrographic specialist should consider the type of survey they are conducting in order to determine the most suitable system. Pingers are simple and reliable, and can be used to distinguish between hard and soft areas in a survey site, but have a practical depth limit of approximately 20m and cannot penetrate calcarinite. Parametric Echo Sounders produce a primary frequency of 100kHz with secondary frequencies, and are suitable for most surveys, but have similar limitations as pingers in terms of water depth and calcarinite. Boomers and sparkers are suitable for deeper surveys, but have a limited penetration through caprock and gaseous sediments. All systems need to be used in conjunction with other equipment, such as GNSS, heave compensation and a gyrocompass.

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