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Sub-bottom Profilers

Sub-bottom Profilers are a special kind of singlebeam echosounders, that operate with very low frequencies, that allow to penetrate and scan the upper layers of the subseafloor. There are linear and nonlinear sub-bottom profilers, whereas the work principle of the latter is based on the parametric effect.

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GeoPulse Compact sub-bottom profiler
GeoPulse Compact sub-bottom profiler

Kongsberg Maritime

The GeoPulse Compact is a high performance digital sub-bottom profiler. Depending upon the survey task the user can choose waveforms in the frequency band of 2-18kHz

Innomar SES-2000 medium-100 SBP
Innomar SES-2000 medium-100

INNOMAR Technologie GmbH

The Innomar SES-2000 medium-100 sub-bottom profiler acquires full-waveform data in water depths from two meters down to 2,000 metres. The layer resolution is better

Innomar SES-2000 quattro multi-transducer SBP
Innomar SES-2000 quattro

INNOMAR Technologie GmbH

Innomar multi-transducer sub-bottom profiler for high data density, suitable for 3D visualisation.

GeoPulse Plus
GeoPulse Plus

Kongsberg Maritime

KongsbergĀ GeoPulse Plus is the latest and most technically advanced sub-bottom profiling system on the market. Its digital processing and waveform selection technolo

AA251 Boomer plate
Single Boomer, AA251

Applied Acoustics

Boomer sub-bottom profiling system with a rugged mechanical design. The boomer plate is a seismic sound source that produces a sharp repeatable pulse from its floati

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