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eSurvey GNSS eSurvey EAS301 Pro Auto Steering System

Precision Auto Steering System

EAS301 Pro is an auto-steering system that can adapt to different crops, regions and characteristics of agricultural equipment, relying on the advantages of the whole industry chain in the field of satellite positioning. It not only greatly improves the operation efficiency of agricultural machinery by the centimeter-level accuracy of repeated farming operations and 24-hour uninterrupted work even in the day with strong lights or at night, but also reduces the labor intensity of drivers.

  • eSurvey GNSS eSurvey EAS301 Pro Auto Steering System
eSurvey GNSS
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201112 Shanghai


High Control Accuracy:

The high torque and high-speed electric steering wheel make the control faster. The controller with multi constellations and multi-frequency GNSS board is built in to make the control more accurate up to 2.5cm.

Big Touch Screen:

The 10-inch screen with 1024 x 600 resolution makes ST6 display a high-fidelity device. 750-nits brightness makes it Sunlight viewable.

Atlas Correction Service:

Atlas is a service to provide global precision correction service over L-band satellites. With ATLAS subscription, EAS301 Pro can achieve centimetre accuracy without any base station.

aRTK Function:

The innovative aRTK technology is used to maintain RTK-level accuracy, availability, and reliability when RTK corrections fail without additional cost.

Terrain Compensation Technology:

Combing GNSS positioning, heading and 9-axis MEMS sensor fusion technology, EAS301 Pro provides the capability to detect the roll, and pitch of the vehicle to ensure straight lines.

Angle Sensor Free

Exclusive encoder mode allows automatic steering from 1km-12km without an angle sensor.

NMEA 0183 Output:

Support GGA, GSV, VTG, GSA, ZDA, RMC, GST Messages output.

Ultra-low Speed Driving:

At the speed of 0.056km/h, the system can ensure a straight-line accuracy of 2.5cm


  • Mounting
  • Type of control
  • Direction of control
    Forward and backward
  • Type of steering mechanism and/or actuators
  • Lightbar included
  • Year of introduction
  • System components and use
    MC5 Smart Antenna; ST6 Display; EW-1 Electronic Wheel; iMM1 Gyroscope; J909 Camera
  • Remote control of vehicles
  • Feedback from tractor required
  • Allows for unrestricted manual steering
  • Feedback sensors
    Angle Sensor, IMU, Camera
  • Row spacing maintanence
  • Double steering
  • Compatible displays or consoles
    ST6 10" Display
  • Distinguishable features
    Radio, 4G, Atlas & aRTK Supported

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