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Klein - A MIND Technology Business System 5900

Multi-Beam Side Scan Sonar System

The Klein System 5900 is a multi-functional platform that allows the operator to perform high speed surveys with 100% bottom coverage. Only multi-beam side scan sonar systems can truly support high speed data acquisition.

  • Klein - A MIND Technology Business System 5900
Klein - A MIND Technology Business
11 Klein Drive
03079 Salem
United States
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Klein System’s 5900 sonar is the flagship in our exclusive family of multi-beam side scan sonar systems. 

The system is a highly configurable multi-functional platform that allows high-speed surveys up to 12 knots with 100% bottom coverage. Its non-magnetic tow body is hydro-dynamically designed to provide a stable towing for increased acoustic performance, natural depression capabilities and overall robustness. 

The Klein 5900 high-resolution side scan sonar doubles the already legendary resolution of the Klein 5000 for mine countermeasure (MCM) grade images. The 5900 uses more than twice the number of acoustic channels available on its predecessors. This coupled with a carefully selected center frequency of 600 kHz and an acoustic aperture of 182cm produces high-resolution images of superior quality.

MODERN AND PRACTICAL APPROACH TO MINE COUNTERMEASURE The Klein 5900 compares (or even outperforms) commercial and military SAS systems in the acoustic near field for manned and unmanned towed applications.

Mine Countermeasures in Littoral Waters Littoral waters present the frequent challenge of wave-induced motion on the towing vessel causing motion on the towed body. This situation is a major problem for conventional SAS systems inhibiting them from producing a synthetic image due to excessive heave variations. The architecture of the 5900 system relies instead on the known length of its segmented arrays to compute its synthetic beams. 

Careful transducer design and narrow vertical beam-widths ensure delivery of outstanding shallow water performance by minimizing surface reflections typical of high sea state conditions of littoral waters. MCM with any weather.


  • Year of introduction
  • System type
  • Mode of operation
  • Model identification
  • Length [m]
  • Weight in air [kg]
  • Max. depth rating [m]
  • Depression technique
    K Wing IV
  • Type of Cable supported
    750 m coaxial; > 3000 m fiber-optic cable
  • Max. length of cable [m]
  • Winch type recommended
  • Min. frequency [kHz]
  • Max. frequency [kHz]
  • Application
    Mine Countermeasures (MCM) mission support; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions; route surveys, Rapid environmental (bathymetry) assessment surveys, Port and Harbor Security, Hydrographic Surveys
  • Distinguishable features
    Variable, Multi-Beam, High-Speed Data Acquisition

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