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CADDEN ROV Oceanus and Hybrid

ROV underwater drones for inspection missions

ROV Oceanus and Hybrid are versatile range of underwater drones. Easy to carry and to use for light and demanding inspection assignments. Their size does not detract from their power as they sail at speeds of 4 to 6 knots at depths of 400 m. Delivered with a topcase serving as video feedback and monitoring. Easy-to-use remote control / joystick.

  • CADDEN ROV Oceanus and Hybrid
359, Route de sainte Luce / Parc du petit Chatelier
44 300 Nantes
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  • Remotely controlled and operated by a single person
  • Suitable for underwater inspection, surveillance, and scientific research missions
  • Compatible with many sensors and accessories (USBL, sonar, single or multifunction arm, etc.)

The ROVs are available in two series:

  • the "Hybrids" running on interchangeable batteries
  • the classic models with power from the surface via an umbilical cable.

Both are delivered with a topcase serving as video feedback and monitoring of the submarine robot's mission and with an easy-to-use remote control / joystick. They are particularly suitable for helping divers in complex missions or for use alone such as ship inspection, civil works, object research and can be used in many applications: scientific research, platforms, aquaculture, security, etc.

Available products : Oceanus Hybrid, Oceanus Hybrid Mini, Oceanus Hybrid Plus, Oceanus Mini, Oceanus Pro, Oceanus Pro Plus, Oceanus Ultimate.


  • Type
  • Type of power
  • Height [m]
  • Weight in air [kg]
  • Type
    Water-tight cable
  • Type of Tether
    Neutrally buoyant tether with water-tight cable connections.
  • Standard length [m]
  • Max. length [m]
  • Max. up [kts]
  • Max. depth rating [m]

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