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Voxometer MA3 Multi-aspect Hydrospatial Survey System

The Voxometer was developed with the aim of cutting down the complexity, time and cost of conducting a survey, and at the same time delivering highly accurate, near end quality data. The Voxometer enables multiple, real-time observations of each voxel, carried out at multiple aspect angles, at increased survey speed. MegaRes® offers the highest resolution possible with a 1MHz operating frequency. All sensors and software required to perform a hydrographic survey are included and native to the Voxometer. It is an all-in-one system powered by multiple new technologies that measure voxels.

Birkirkara, MT



Installation is easy, with a simple communication set-up and simple processing of clean and accurate data. The UDSD® (User Defined Sampling Density) is the world’s first operating mode that samples the bottom exactly where you want it, with the precise density you chose, providing highly accurate and precise near-end-quality data.

The sonar is multi-aspect enabled and allows for noise-cancelling bottom sampling. It offers simultaneous multi-mission signal processing and wireless SVS and tightly coupled IMU. The VOX-App® allows for intuitive data views from any vantage point, without delay. The app offers an advanced on-line survey package and is user-friendly with a smart, modern interface. The Voxometer has 8 patented modes of operation, at increased resolution and precision navigation.

Regardless of surveyor level of experience, the Voxometer reduces the complexity of survey operations and is suitable for all applications, including dredging, offshore energy, research, ports, construction and general survey.


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