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Survey hard to reach areas – even over-the horizon

ViperFish is an all-in-one ROTV system tailored to provide high-resolution data collection in autonomous USV operations. With its high stability, 3D steering and automation, it is ideal for surveying narrow areas where a precisely steered sensor platform is needed to safely stay close to the seabed.

Skanderborg, DK


High-resolution imaging and precise positioning

ViperFish can be equipped with several high-quality sensor options. Depending on the configuration you choose, this sensor platform is mission-ready for applications such as offshore energy seabed mapping; geophysical site inspections (UXO); subsea pipe/cable inspections; and defence (mine countermeasures, rapid environmental assessment, Intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance).

Automate your ROTV operations for optimal results and enabling autonomy

ViperFish optimises data collection. It is designed for minimal drag, resulting in a low energy cost of operations. The sensor platform is highly stable with a design that stays horizontal at all times and minimises turbulence through laminar flow.

To further optimise operations, this ROTV features a high degree of automation. Like the ScanFish ROTV range, ViperFish can automatically maintain a fixed height from the seabed, avoid obstacles at a user-defined range and follow vertical and horizontal runlines. You can upgrade your setup with a dedicated winch, optimised for USV operations.

To automate all steps from runline planning to processing, users of EIVA’s industry-leading survey software toolbox, NaviSuite, can leverage the software suite’s streamlined integration with ViperFish’s control software – for example with Vessel-Aided Terrain Follow mode, which uses MBES data (real-time or pre-survey) for early warning to achieve smoother obstacle avoidance.


Weight (air / water)

145 kg / 5 kg


2-10 kt (STW)

Depth rating

200 m

Dive/climb speed

0-2 m/s

Dimensions (length x width x height)

3200 × 1300 x 620 mm



Fibre telemetry

1 Gb/s

Position accuracy

Better than 1 m (DRMS)

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