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Turbidity Sensor

Turbidity Sensor

The Aanderaa Turbidity Sensors detects infra-red light scattered by particles suspended in water.

The New Aanderaa Optical Turbidity Sensor 4296 will replace the existing turbidity sensor, previously offered by Aanderaa. It is more robust, has better optics, better calibrations, better internal processing, better stability, a wider range, better resolution, better temperature compensation, temperature included, serial and AiCap output.


The Aanderaa Optical Turbidity sensor is the most versatile sensor on the market: 0-6000 m, side-looking, fully calibrated, with temperature included.

The sensor is multi-point calibrated and temperature compensated, max range 0-2500 FTU, back-traceable to international standards, 0.02 FTU resolution over the entire range.

Most competitors do not calibrate or let the end-user calibrate. Linearity is assumed, but this is not the case. If multiple uncalibrated/poorly calibrated sensors are placed in the same water, they will show different results.

All processing and calculations are internal, serial output (rs232 or rs422 on long cable), or plug-& play directly to SeaGuard/ SmartGuard powerful combination with acoustic backscatter from doppler current sensor DCPS and DCS.

Built on the successful Oxygen Optode backbone, Titanium housing 6000 m rated and scratch resistant sapphire glass window. Plastic windows will get scratched over time, and sensors will drift, windows need to be polished, molded sensors drift when exposed to high pressure. These are not suitable for deep-water applications

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