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MOTUS Wave Buoys

The MOTUS (movement in Latin) Wave Buoy is a perfect solution for collecting environmental data in coastal areas

Collect reliable environmental data with MOTUS Wave Data Buoy.


The MOTUS (movement in Latin) Buoy is a perfect solution for collecting environmental data in coastal areas for all-year deployments. The platform used for collecting data is a robust buoy which has proven to be an excellent platform for providing high accuracy and reliable meteorological and oceanographic data. The wave buoy can effectively combine various Hydrological and Meteorological parameters. Basic parameters such as wind, waves, and currents can easily be expanded to include sensor packages with different water quality sensors. Data is controlled and synchronized by the data management systems that Xylem Analytics offers, which also controls and powers real-time communication. This provides a low-power efficient system offering long-term deployment capabilities.

The MOTUS Wave Buoys combine our ultra-low power and field-proven solutions from developing oceanographic and water quality sensors. We have 60 years of experience operating in the industry, providing you with an optimal platform based on the buoy, a rugged, lightweight polyethylene buoy deployed in more than 40 countries all over the world. By selecting Xylem as your partner in your projects, you are on track for the lowest overall cost of ownership and a versatile platform that can be tailored to your needs. The MOTUS Buoy is developed for both scientific and commercial use.

MOTUS Stand-Alone Sensor

Turn your buoy into an intelligent data-collecting platform with the Aanderaa MOTUS Wave Stand-Alone Sensor.

There are numerous ways of measuring Ocean Waves. At Aanderaa, we focus on three measurement types: pressure, acoustic, and motion. In this section, we cover the motion-based sensors in the MOTUS family.

MOTUS Directional Wave Sensor is suitable for integration on different buoy types. It is intended for commercial as well as research use. The directional stand-alone Sensor processes wave data and is configurable to directly present parameters and wave spectrum. The sensor can be connected to a SmartGuard using the CANbus-based AiCaP protocol. It can also be connected to a PC or third-party systems through the RS-232 interface.

MOTUS Wave Height Sensor is for wave height only. As the MOTUS Directional Sensor, it is suitable for integration on different buoy types. In the sensor, the directional wave parameters are locked. It is possible to open the wave direction parameters with a software license from Aanderaa later if the need changes.  

MOTUS Lite OEM Sensor is the OEM version of the MOTUS Directional Wave sensor. It is delivered as an electronic board without housing and cables. Please get in touch with the factory for more options and restrictions.

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Drifting buoy, Moored buoy

Year of last update


Year of introduction


Length [m]


Width [m]


Height [m]


Structure Material

MOTUS Wave Sensor - POM, Stainless steel 316, Brass

Weight [kg]


Power Supply

Battery type

MOTUS Wave Sensor - Supply voltage: 6-30 Vdc Current drain: 110mW @ 12V

Wave and tide variables sensors

Wave frequency

Wave height

Wave period

Wave direction

Current speed

Current direction

Operation Characteristics

Operating temperature: min. [°C]


Operating temperature: max. [°C]


Max deployment depth [m]


Max wave conditions [m]


Positioning and navigation

Other sensors or additional information

The MOTUS sensor is designed to be a part of the Aanderaahydrography/meteorology buoy (ODAS) solution with easyexpansion to a large number of additional sensors e.g.single point currents, current profiler, various water qualityand meteorological sensors.

Water variables sensors

Max. depth rating of sensors

MOTUS Wave Sensor - 30m

Water depth

Water temperature

Water salinity

Water turbidity

Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM)


Dissolved oxygen


Underwater radiance

Sound Velocity

Atmospheric and solar variables

Air temperature

Air humidity

Barometric pressure

Wind speed

Wind direction

Solar radiation

Application and Use

Training facilities

Communication and data

Data logger description

RS-232 output for integration to most third partyData loggers.

Web based control and tracking


Acoustic communication

Iridium/Satellite communication

Cellular comunication

UHF/VHF communication


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